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The right heating appliance can transform your house into a home. But with so many different models, styles, fuel choices, and sizes to choose from, finding the right fit for your family can be intimidating. The following questions can help guide you when trying to select a new fireplace or stove and find the heating appliance that is right for your family.

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  1. Where will the new heating appliance go? Where you want your new fireplace or stove can have an impact on the type of heating appliance you need. A variety of venting options give homeowners more choices than ever before; fireplaces can now be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, and even on patios to create outdoor living space.
  2.  Are you replacing an existing fireplace or stove? Replacing an existing heating appliance can minimize costs by allowing you to utilize the existing chimney or venting structure for your new appliance. Replacing an older unit can also help you find a more modern, energy efficient appliance or switch fuel sources.
  3. Are you building a new home? If you are building a new home or doing major remodeling, choosing a heating appliance early in the design process can allow it to be seamlessly incorporated into your home’s design.
  4.  Is it for looks or for heat? Fireplaces don’t have to be a heating appliance; they can be used for aesthetics and to add a homey touch to a living space. Some homeowners prefer lower heat output so the fireplace can be enjoyed all year round!
  5. How much of your home do you want to heat? If you want your new heating appliance to be used as a heat source, how much of your home does it need to heat? This along with the size, floorplan, and layout of your home can help a hearth expert find the right size fireplace or stove for your heating needs.

Why shop The Cozy Flame

Shopping for a new fireplace or stove can be overwhelming. While the number of makes, models, sizes, and styles available on the market today gives customers unprecedented choice, it can also make the processing of finding the right fit for your family difficult.

At The Cozy Flame, we have done the research to narrow down the best products from the best names in the industry. We stand behind all of the fireplaces and stoves that we sell and truly believe we carry the best of the best. Likewise, our showroom is full of the products we sell; this allows you to see firsthand different fireplaces and stoves at work instead of looking at pictures or reading their statistics off of a box. We are confident that our highly trained Comfort Consultants can help you find the right fireplace or stove to meet your family’s heating needs!

When it’s time to buy your next fireplace or stove, trust the staff at The Cozy Flame to help you find the best heating appliance for your family. Contact us or visit our showroom today and let our fireplace experts help find your new heating appliance!