Heating a house can be a pain. In the winter, it’s costly, and in fall and spring, it takes weeks to find a balance that isn’t too hot or too cold. As we move into spring, and temperatures drop once again, there is an easier way–to both save money, and stay comfortable.

Zone Heating

Zone heating only certain “zones” in the home that are most popular, used, or get the most traffic. The idea is to lower your central air thermostat to a reasonably low temperature, and heat the most-used areas of the home with efficient heat sources.

Getting Started

First, you have to decide what your zones will be. If you have bedrooms, hallways, or dens that are unused most of the year, it won’t hurt to leave these rooms at a lower temperature. Then your most-used rooms, living room, bedrooms, and kitchen can be heated with another source. Once you know which rooms you’ll be heating, you can decide what type of appliance you’d like to heat with. Many homes have an open living room/dining room/kitchen space. If this is the case, or something similar, in your home, you can likely get by with one large fireplace in the living room, that will heat the large space. If not, you can look into smaller appliances for smaller rooms. When it comes to fire appliances, the possibilities are endless.

The Cozy Flame

Once you know which rooms you’d like to heat, you can begin your search for the perfect fire appliance to work for you. At The Cozy Flame, we sell gas, wood, and pellet appliances that rival central air and heat. Every appliance carries its own manufacturer guarantee and the names of trusted top industry brands. Our Comfort Consultants are available to help you decide which brand, style, fuel type, and size is right for you.

  • For a traditional fireplace:
    You can choose an insert that looks and feels like a traditional open fireplace, but you’ll get all the benefits of a highly efficient stove. Inserts are especially popular when homeowners want to convert a drafty, masonry fireplace into a heat machine. Inserts are available as wood-burning, pellet-burning, and gas-fueled.
  • For your empty space:
    You do not need an existing fireplace in order to install a fire appliance. Whether you have a corner space, wall space, or want to utilize space in the middle of a room, we can find an appliance that will work for you. Pellet, wood, and gas stoves can be freestanding, come in any size, and have a variety of styles and viewing windows. A direct gas insert is a stove that looks like a traditional fireplace. Many inns and hotels use gas inserts in order to cut costs, and create a desirable amenity for their guests. These are beautiful products and heat machines.

Let Us Help

If you have your thermostat set for 60 degrees, and you decide to crack up one of our appliances, you will be pleasantly satisfied with how quickly the temp will come up in the room of your choosing. Let us help you select the perfect appliance for your space, need, and home decor. We can even set you up with installation services.

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