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Part of our job here at The Cozy Flame is to help our customers bring life and warmth to their homes with safe and efficient products. A staff favorite is the gas log sets as well as gas fireplaces. These units are highly efficient, great for a quick upgrade, and can fit in nearly any space. When you’re looking to add fire to your home this fall, look to The Cozy Flame for the best products and services.

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Why Choose Gas?

Gas fireplaces and log sets are growing in popularity because of the safety and efficiency the units offer. They are easy to install, cost-efficient, hassle-free, and require far less maintenance than other fire units that burn pellets, wood, or oil.


Gas fires are convenient. There is no wood to cut, store, carry, or light. Your gas unit will ignite at the press of a button—even by remote! Gas units also have precise temperature control and immediate shut-off. With more control over the flame, these fireplaces are safer for homes with small children and guests.

Versatile Installation

Gas units are easy to install in any space. Because of the variety in sizes and heat capacity, they are even being used in the hospitality industry, creating ambiance in hotel rooms and inns. Some gas units don’t even need to be vented, so homeowners have the freedom to create a hearth anywhere in the home! The technicians we trust with our products are certified professionals and can construct a fireplace anywhere in your home.


Gas fireplaces and log sets are environmentally friendly. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel, producing and using all the heat from the fire and leaving almost no soot in the flue. Unlike wood fires, gas fires don’t produce any creosote, requiring less maintenance throughout the year.

Our Top Fireplace Brands

The brands we trust are some of the best on the market. This is important to our company and our mission to warm your world inside and out. Because safety and efficiency is our top priority, we sell and install Regency brand fireplaces and Superior brand fireplaces. These brands come in a variety of sizes and styles. When you work with our team to complete a project, we can match you with the exact unit that will complement your home and your personality.

If you stop by our showroom you can see these units in action. Whether your style is contemporary and sleek, rustic and traditional, or you don’t even know what your style is, we can help.

Gas Log Sets at The Cozy Flame

For the most realistic and beautiful flames, we bring Hargrove Premium Products to our customers in and around Milford, Connecticut. Whether it’s a vent-free or vented gas log set you’re after, we have a Hargrove log set for you. These products have intricate details that bring life to the ceramic logs. Many of them are removable for light cleaning and dusting. Ask a Comfort Consultant at our showroom to show you a log set that is breathtaking and realistic.

Gas products can be a wonderful addition to any home. It’s important to have them installed by a professional to avoid problems with gas fires. Call 203-283-4459 or stop by today.