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A survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found that outdoor living spaces were the number one feature potential buyers look for in a home. If your deck or patio is feeling more “blah” than beautiful, consider adding a gas firepit to your space. Gas firepits can provide fast, easy, and efficient heat for family and friends to enjoy outdoors – all while adding value to your home.

Why choose gas for your outdoor firepit

Why You Need An Outdoor Firepit - Milford CT- The Cozy Flame-w800-h800Gas is an increasingly popular fuel choice for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and other fire features. Even if your indoor fireplace is wood burning, you may want to consider a gas firepit outside. Below are three reasons to choose gas for your outdoor fire feature.

  1. Enjoy your fire faster. With flames that are just the push of a button away, there are fewer steps to starting, maintaining, and putting out your fire. This allows you to spend less time cutting and stacking wood and stoking the flames and more time relaxing in front of the fire with family and friends.
  2. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Burning a gas fire means there are no ashes, soot, or old logs to deal with after each use. While gas-burning appliances still require annual cleanings and inspections, the day to day maintenance is significantly reduced.
  3. More energy efficient. Gas is extremely clean burning, producing much smaller amounts of airborne pollution than wood and other fuel sources. Likewise, because gas burns so efficiently it is often a more cost effective fuel source.

Our favorite gas firepits

At The Cozy Flame, we are proud to carry a number of high quality Regency fireplace products. These beautifully designed, long lasting gas fireplaces have been used in homes for years and can now be enjoyed outdoors. Below are just a few of our favorite gas firepits.

  • Regency Plateau® PTO60 Outdoor Gas Burner: This outdoor gas burner can be added to any custom outdoor fire feature to create a look that is totally unique. These linear stainless steel burners can add a modern look to any outdoor space.
  • Regency Horizon® HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace: The same Regency Horizon line you love for inside your home can now be used outside! The wide angle flames are complimented by a variety of fire bed choices including reflective crystals, volcanic stones, or ceramic drift wood.
  • Regency Plateau® PTO30CFT Outdoor Gas Firetable: This versatile fire table is perfect for entertaining. At 20 inches tall, the Plateau can be added to any outdoor space to create an eye catching focal point. Available in UV coated stainless steel or sunset bronze.
  • Regency Plateau® PTO30CKT Outdoor Gas Firetable: Your guests will never be bored sitting at this cocktail height fire table. With multiple fire bed optiosn as well as a choice of tile tops, this table can be used in a variey of outdoor spaces.

A gas firepit can add warmth and ambiance – and value – to any home. For more information on how a gas firepit can transform your outdoor living spaces, contact The Cozy Flame or visit our store today.