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A gas fireplace is a great option for the home fireplace because of its high efficiency and low maintenance. Its often confused with no maintenance though. This leads to problems in the long run. Homeowners should always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and installer, when it comes to routine maintenance and upkeep of a heat appliance.

Tips for Gas Fireplace Maintenance Image - Milford CT - The Cozy FlameCheck Out These Tips

  1. Schedule an annual inspection for your gas fireplace – even if you don’t use a chimney. The vent will need to be assessed as well as the appliance. All major gas fireplace manufacturers recommend an annual inspection by a certified technician. This is to insure safety and proper operation of the appliance. A certified technician can assess the fireplace and make recommended repairs before use.
  2. Check your fireplace for proper operation monthly.
  3. Even if you haven’t used your fireplace, clean the inside and outside of the glass with a glass cleaner monthly.
  4. Leave glass open and check the fireplace for debris, dirt, dust, trash, or insects. You can clean this best with a small broom or a vacuum extension.
  5. Check the hinges and bolts that hold your glass in place. Afterwards, check the gasket that gives it an air tight seal. Look for cracks or depressions in the gasket that may allow carbon monoxide through the opening. If the gasket is badly damaged it will need to be replaced. You can schedule a professional inspection at this time. Also, you can have the gasket replaced by a gas fireplace expert, if you’d like.
  6. If your gas fireplace is vented, check the vent opening outside. Make sure it’s free of leaves and other debris and is venting properly. You can hold a piece of paper in front of the vent opening when the fireplace is in use to see if the paper flutters. This will mean it is venting.
  7. If your gas fireplace is vented through an existing chimney you should have it cleaned regularly. Although gas is an efficient heat source, it can still produce soot and creosote in the chimney. If left unchecked, these chemicals can become corrosive to the chimney lining and lead to damaged masonry and carbon monoxide intrusion. During a chimney sweep your technician will also clean your gas fireplace, removing any dust, debris, or insects that may exist there.
  8. Use your gas fireplace correctly to avoid problems. you should always follow the manual that came with your appliance. If you’re uncertain or think your gas fireplace has a problem, do not hesitate to call your local chimney sweep company.

The Cozy Flame works with our sister company, Total Chimney Care!

This gives all of our customers the best chimney and fireplace service in Milford and surrounding areas. Total Chimney Care offers chimney sweeps and inspections for all fuel sources, whether they use a chimney or not. When you’re ready for your preventative maintenance, give them a call. If you have a question about something you found during your monthly assessment of your fireplace, an expert can answer your questions today!