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Fire Building Tips for Your Wood Burning Insert

Your wood burning insert is the perfect addition to your home. It will make your holidays warmer, your favorite room cozier, and your heating bills less painful. Save money this winter by having the best fire possible in your wood-burning insert. Burning the Right...
What Firewood Should I Choose?

What Firewood Should I Choose?

Before going out and buying the first cord of firewood for your fireplace this season, make sure you are buying good efficient hardwood that has been well seasoned for fireplace use. For questions on the the right wood and fuel for your stove or fireplace, contact the...

Proper Firewood Storage

As fall and winter approach and the temperatures outside start getting cooler, many homeowners are preparing for the change in the seasons by buying their firewood for the season. After you purchase firewood, however, it is important to properly store it in order to...

How to Properly Start a Fire in the Fireplace

Most homeowners have their own tips and tricks that they have developed over the years to start a fire in their fireplaces. However, when done correctly the process is more complicated than simply throwing wood and a match into the fire. The following steps will help...

Fireplace and Stove Heating Efficiency Tips

Fireplaces and stoves are a wonderful way for homeowners to heat their homes during the cold winter months. With so many choices in size, cost, and fuel source, homeowners are able to find a heating appliance to perfectly fit their needs. Modern stoves and fireplaces...