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What Can You Cook on a Big Green Egg?

At The Cozy Flame, it is our privilege to offer the best products and brands for our customers and neighbors in and around Milford, Connecticut. At this time of year we love to match families with grills and accessories that bring backyard family time to life. The Big Green Egg is one of our most popular new products and it comes in a variety of sizes for all of your family’s needs. Don’t believe us? It’s as versatile as a slow cooker!


The Big Green Egg has impressive capabilities, including baking. When you bake zucchini bread on the Egg, you will find it to be fluffier and bold in flavor. Simply set the Egg to indirect cooking and prepare your ingredients. Follow this link or follow your favorite recipe!


It can be easy to fall into a habit of cooking the easy thing, but this is no way to enjoy The Big Green Egg. In fact, we think the open-faced spaghetti pot pie is better than any pizza we’ve made on the Egg. This recipe doesn’t only call for ingredients, but also specific EGGcessories to make the cooking process as easy as possible. When following the recipe, note that the open-faced spaghetti pot pie takes 20-25 minutes, so plan accordingly.


Forget messy smores around a bonfire. The whole family can have a blast making their own homemade ice cream sandwiches with The Big Green Egg!


There’s nothing quite like a little spice to kick off the summer. The Big Green Egg is especially handy when cooking spicy foods that may leave your kitchen stinking like peppers for hours or days after. Check out this recipe from Wickles Pickles that you will simply relish! All you need is: 12 jalapenos, shredded white cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese, relish, garlic powder, and black pepper. Using indirect cooking, prepare the peppers according to the recipe, place directly on cooking grid, and they’ll be ready to enjoy in 7-10 minutes.

You don’t have to stick to boring hotdogs and drumsticks when you invest in The Big Green Egg. These are just a few fun recipes available, and there’s more where that came from. While you’re there, check out the EGGcessories, success stories, and support available to our Big Green Egg customers.

If you’re still on the fence about your new grill, don’t be! Our professionals at our showroom will help you through your decision. Start now, and you can be cooking up something wonderful in no time!

Call 203-283-4459 or stop by our showroom at 116-Q Research Drive in Milford, CT today!

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We Now Carry Big Green Egg!

The Cozy Flame has been proudly providing chimney and fireplace services to the greater Milford area since 1996. However, we can do more than just help you find your new fireplace – we can also help you pick out the perfect grill! We are proud to announce that The Cozy Flame now carries Big Green Egg cookers and EGGcessories!


One grill for all your outdoor cooking needs

When it comes to grills and outdoor cookers, there are plenty of name brands on the market. However, none can compare with the features, versatility, and durability of Big Green Egg. Based on the design of the Japanese kamado, Big Green Egg can be used in three different ways; whether you’re grilling, smoking, or baking, the only limit to what you can cook is your imagination!

There is a reason these grills are known as “The ultimate cooking experience!” Below are just a few of the capabilities of the Big Green Egg.

  • Grilling: The primary purpose of most outdoor cookers is grilling; however, Big Green Egg offers a completely unique grilling experience! With the ability to precisely control heat – as well as the capability to reach temperatures as high as 750º F – steaks, vegetables, seafood, and more will all be perfectly seared.
  • Smoking: Big Green Egg can reduce how many outdoor cooking appliances you need by also functioning as a smoker. Briskets and ribs can be cooked “low and slow” for up to 18 hours at temperatures between 200 and 350°F.
  • Oven: If you prefer sweet over savory, Big Green Egg can also be used as an oven – without any additional expensive accessories. Pies and cobblers – as well as savory dishes such as pizzas and casseroles – can be baked just as they would in a traditional oven thanks to the precise temperature control.

The right grill for every family

While Big Green Egg grills offer “one stop cooking,” they are not one size fits all. There are several different sizes and styles of grill available, allowing families to find the right outdoor cooker for their family. With sizes ranging from Mini to Extra Extra Large, there is a Big Green Egg for every group!

In addition to finding the right size grill, the right accessories can help tailor your grilling experience to your family’s unique needs. Tables and islands can create a dedicated grilling area on your deck or patio, while EGGcessories such as pizza stones, poultry rotators, and even wireless thermometers can expand how and what you cook in your Big Green Egg.

Stop in and see for yourself!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to see a Big Green Egg in action, don’t just take our word for it – come by the showroom to see what makes these grills the most sought after outdoor cookers in the industry! Stop by the showroom at The Cozy Flame today to check out our Big Green Egg cookers, EGGcessories, and to learn about how a Big Green Egg can improve your grilling experience

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