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Summertime is the best time to plan your new hearth with new fire appliances from our selection at The Cozy Flame. We partner with our sister company, Total Chimney Care to install fire products year-round with precision and excellence. We first make sure homeowners are happy with the size, style, and fuel type of the appliance. When our customers start with us, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

EPA-Certified Fireplaces

You don’t have to work for your beautiful fire. At The Cozy Flame we carry both gas and wood fireplaces, and both offer excellent aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency. When you choose gas, you get an added convenience of easy on/off capabilities, temperature control, and without the hassle of cutting, hauling, and lighting firewood. If it’s a wood fire you’re interested in, ask a Comfort Consultant about the Regency Excalibur EX90 or Regency Classic R90.

Wood-Burning Stoves

Regency has perfected the wood stove so much that homeowners can now get the ambiance of a wood stove, without all the emissions and heat loss from years past. Regency wood stoves are so efficient today that all of them will qualify you for a $300 US Biomass Tax Credit! Shop our styles from contemporary to traditional and everything in between.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are a great option for a small space or limited decorative freedom. You can have a gas stove installed almost anywhere. They come in beautiful styles with fire-view windows that provide all the ambiance of a wood stove. Many models even have artificial logs that can be rearranged for you tastes. Gas stoves come with conveniences that rival that of wood stoves, so if you’re looking for efficiency, convenience, and beauty, a gas stove may be for you.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves offer all the convenience and control of gas, with the high heat output of wood. Pellets are a wood product available in most home improvement and hardware stores. The stove is equipped with igniters that make lighting your fire as easy as magic, and the automatic hopper reloads your fire so that it’s burning while you’re doing other things.

Fireplace Inserts

If you’re looking to convert from an open fireplace to a more efficient and beautiful upgrade, an insert may be exactly what you’re looking for. Inserts are ordered according to specific measurements so they are sized correctly and a professional will retrofit the unit directly into the existing firebox. The chimney is then relined or “piped up” to accommodate for the smaller burn capacity. Inserts can start saving you money now, closing off the fireplace so that you don’t lose conditioned air, and will save you money on heating bills this winter. You can choose from a pellet, gas, or wood-burning insert.

Ready to Shop?

Stop by our retail location so that you can see some of our Regency products in action. Call us at 203-283-4459, or come visit at 116-Q Research Dr., Milford, Connecticut today.

Perks of Having a Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces are in! Realtors, property managers, and developers know that homeowners want fireplaces, and none are more popular than the gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces come with a whole host of perks for the homeowner/renter, but they’re also great for the environment.

Gas is Versatile

Once you decide to use gas as your fuel, it’s time to choose the type of gas fireplace that works best for you.

  • Gas inserts are retro-fitted directly into an existing fireplace and are a great way to convert from wood to gas.
  • Direct gas inserts are a closed unit that can be installed anywhere and are vented through wall or ceiling.
  • Gas stoves can be installed anywhere and can be free-standing, vented, or vent-free.
  • Gas logs are growing in popularity, but do not produce as much heat as other gas options. They can be vented or vent-free, and are generally installed in an existing fireplace.

Whether you choose an insert, stove, or log set, gas fire appliances offer many benefits that make the shopping and installation completely worth it. Masonry fireplaces are built to be permanent. Once they’re constructed, it can be difficult and costly to change them. Installing a gas insert is the perfect way to give your tired hearth a facelift. Your gas fireplace can be replaced or moved, and in many models, you can even rearrange the ceramic wood logs to make it more realistic. You may even be able to purchase logs that look like a certain species of tree.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas fireplaces burn cleanly. They produce no ash and only minimal soot. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel, producing less carbon dioxide than all other fuels, and still makes enough heat to be an affective heat source.

User Friendly

Your gas fireplace will be convenient. They are easily installed and convenient to operate. Most modern models light and extinguish with the push of a button or flip of a switch. Many have a remote control and easy flame control so that you can adjust the heat, flame size, and shut it off instantly.


Gas fireplaces are not only easy to operate, but they need almost no maintenance. Dusting your gas fireplace with a dry rag during your regular cleaning routine is enough cleaning between your professional service appointments. Since a gas fire only produces minimal chemical byproducts, you won’t need to schedule as many chimney sweeps as you would for a wood-burning fireplace or appliance. Just make sure that it’s professionally installed, and you shouldn’t have to worry about regular operation between service appointments. Ask your technician when to schedule your first service appointment. It may be that your warranty is only valid if it’s serviced at certain intervals.

Are you still on the fence about choosing gas? Learn more about gas fireplace appliances here and call The Cozy Flame to get started looking for your gas fireplace today. Call 203-283-4459.

What is the Most Efficient Fireplace Fuel

There are several fuels that can heat a home well, some better than others. With industrial advancements in manufacturing, technology, and fire science, every home can have an efficient fireplace no matter what type of fuel it burns. However, one fuel type stands above the rest.

Burning Natural Gas The Most Efficient Fireplace Fuel Image - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

The most efficient fuel is natural gas, and the most efficient fireplace systems are those that burn natural gas.

  • Gas burns cleanly with little carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot
  • Requires less sweeps
  • Is more plentiful than other renewable sources of fuel
  • Is less dependent on electricity, offers the ability to use during a power outage
  • Has a convenient on/off switch and controls
  • Requires less maintenance, repairs, and wear and tear over time
  • Has many models, styles and installation options

When you choose to burn gas, you are releasing less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, less harmful gases in and around your home, and will require less maintenance due to a cleaner burn. Many models of gas fireplaces don’t even require chimney access, but can work together with a vent installed at the time of installation.

Gas Fireplaces at The Cozy Flame

The Cozy Flame wants all of our customers in Milford, Connecticut, and surrounding areas to be safe and warm each winter, but also to save money. The more efficient our customers are, the cleaner the air is in our neighborhoods. We live and work in Milford and our community is important to us. That is why we are happy to offer the best gas fireplace products on the market.

  • Gas Inserts – Both gas inserts and direct vent gas inserts are highly efficient, produce enough heat for adequate room heating, are closed units (not drawing heated air from the room) and are beautiful. You can choose a facing that matches your personality and your home decor, and keep your existing chimney with minor modifications.
  • Gas Stoves – Gas stoves offer all the benefits of a gas fireplace, but they can be installed anywhere that a wall is available to install a vent. These stoves have the classic look of traditional cast iron stoves and look realistic with ceramic logs and beautiful flames.
  • Gas Logs – Log sets are becoming a popular option in recent years because they are inserted directly into an existing firebox. You can choose vented and ventless log sets that are great for zone heating. Log sets come in different sizes according to space, ventilation, and heating needs, and even come in different tree types.

When you choose a gas fireplace, you are choosing the most efficient fuel type for your new fireplace. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your wood burning fireplace or would like the convenience of gas, it’s not difficult to transition. We can help you decide what type of fireplace will work best for you at The Cozy Flame. Stop in or call today.

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Are Gas Stoves Expensive to Run?

Some of the most popular fireplace products on the market today are gas. They are highly efficient and great for zone heating. Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of a push-button start and a fast turn-off, as opposed to letting a wood fire burn out. Gas stoves are available in beautiful designs that retain the classic look of the traditional wood stove. However, they have fewer emissions, higher efficiency, and versatility in installation and design.

Upfront Costs

Compared with similar products, gas stoves are competitively priced. The installation cost depends on what is required for the product you choose and the space in which it’s installed. Vent free stoves don’t require ventilation access as part of installation. Of course, they’ll still need to be professionally installed, connected with gas line, and tested. Direct-vent stoves require an exterior wall. This is so that a vent can be installed to draw air in and vent it out. This limits where the stove can be located, and adds to the overall cost of installation. However, the benefits of the gas stove make it quite cost-effective.

Gas Stoves and Low Emissions

Gas burns cleaner than any available fuel. Therefore, it produces fewer emissions and in many cases may qualify you for a federal tax credit. It may not amount to much, but it would mean a $300 annual credit.

Gas Stoves are Highly Efficient

Once your gas stove is installed, you are able to control it with a simple switch or remote. The flame lights and turns off at your command, wasting no extra fuel to die down or burn while you’re away. Gas stoves are some of the most efficient home heating products on the market. They burn the fuel almost completely while producing consistent, high heat output. You can compare costs of your gas heat with other appliances in your home using this calculator.

Gas Stoves Cut Costs in Half

Gas stoves cost half as much as an electric heater would to create the same amount of heat. These savings add up annually! Even if your gas stove is just for entertaining and is supplemental to your central air and heat, the savings are substantial. If you live in an area that gets ice storms through the winter, you can run your gas stove to heat your home, saving money that you might have spent running a generator. The only product that maintains high-heat like a gas stove is a wood-burning one. However, burning wood means using a chimney or stovepipe, paying for annual maintenance for the chimney system, and for wood or the equipment to cut your own wood. When you factor in all of the added costs that are often overlooked, the gas stove wins out every time.

Are you looking to add a gas stove to your living space? You can find out all about gas stoves by calling The Cozy Flame today or by visiting our retail location in Milford, CT.

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