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What Fireplace is Right For Me?

Are you using the spring and summer to plan a new fireplace system for your home? Many homeowners use the off-season to upgrade, update, and repair their fireplace. Maybe you’d like to use the spring and summer to find and install your dream fireplace? If so, we can help. At The Cozy Flame, we have the best products and manufacturers on the market. We also have a team of experts who can can’t wait to help you pick the best appliance for your space and personality.

Types of Fuel

Before committing to a style or type of fire appliance, it’s important to choose the fuel type that works best for you. The fuel type you choose will continue to be your fuel source for the life of your system unless you decide to change it. Choose wisely, because your fuel may determine efficiency, carbon footprint, and ease of use.

  • Gas Fires – Growing in popularity, the gas fire is quite common among homeowners. Gas fireplaces can be installed anywhere, with very little space. Some can even be installed in places with no ventilation. Gas fires burn with most efficiently and is also the most convenience. A gas fireplace often has a remote control, instant ignition, precise temperature control, and emergency shut off.
  • Pellet Fires – With the convenience of a gas appliance, but pellet fires come with beautiful, natural flame of wood. Pellet stove is the best of both worlds. These units feature a hopper which feeds the fire at a steady rate keeping a consistent temperature. They also have an instant ignition with a burner at the base of the firebox. Pellets are eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled wood waste, to burn cleanly and affordably.
  • Wood Fires – Wood fires produce the most heat, can be fueled by specific types of wood that you may prefer and can be fueled by a supply of wood that you have on hand. They create the most beautiful flame, with the look, sound, and feel that every homeowner wants. Wood creates creosote as it burns, however, more than pellets, and will require more maintenance to maintain safety and efficiency.

The Type of Fireplace

Once you pick a fuel for your fire, you can select the best fireplace for your home. There are plenty of options. We offer direct inserts, which can be installed anywhere and has the look of a fireplace. We also have stoves, which can also be installed anywhere and is freestanding. They also come in a standard fireplace insert, which can be installed directly into an existing firebox. We also have gas logs that can be installed into the firebox.

No matter what you desire, we have the means to make it happen. Check out our showroom to see some of the appliances in action. Drop by 116-Q Research Dr. in Milford, Connecticut, or call to schedule a consultation at 203-283-4459. At The Cozy Flame, we have everything you need for your new dream hearth.

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Vented or Vent-Free Gas Logs

Homeowners looking for a great zone heating option, a little ambiance, and minimal cost can look to a gas log set. Gas logs are growing in popularity among homeowners, business owners, and they’re even making their way into B and Bs across the country. Gas log sets offer convenience and beauty that can be realistic and affordable.

Why Choose Gas

Gas heat is growing in popularity due to the many benefits. They are great for zone heating or for a little ambiance–perfect for minimalist heating in the spring and fall or adding to the spirit of holidays and family gatherings. You can choose gas and avoid the work and mess that comes with cutting, hauling, and lighting wood, and still have the look of a wood fire. Gas log sets even offer the same convenience of gas fireplaces. They are easy to light, offer precise heat control, are safer and cool faster than wood fires, and are cheaper and easier to maintain. If you’re considering adding a gas log set to your living space, it can be installed and ready for fall when you start now. Do not leave it up to an online catalog. Speak with a professional. These products, though more affordable, lighter, and easier to install must be installed by a professional. Only a licensed dealer can guarantee their products, and only a certified chimney sweep can guarantee their work is up to code and safe for use.

Vented Gas Logs

The most realistic gas log sets available must be vented. The realistic yellow flames are the most similar to that of a real wood flame. The only drawback to the yellow flame logs is that they must be vented. Vented gas logs produce soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide. These yellow flame log sets will release hazardous gases into the living space that are harmful to your family and pets. These cannot be installed without proper ventilation. They are a popular installation when converting from wood to gas and the chimney is intact. However, the chimney flue cannot be lined with clay tile and should be appropriate for use with gas. When you use a vented gas log set, your system still needs routine maintenance. The soot and carbon produced by your new gas logs will need to be cleaned from the flue regularly.

Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vent-free gas logs are a popular option when the chimney is in disrepair or has been closed off. These gas logs have blue flames that are less realistic but still heat a space. These logs are approved for indoor installations without a chimney or vent and will not produce harmful gases even when used for extended periods of time.

The Coziest Option

At The Cozy Flame, we’re proud to offer the best gas log sets on the market. Our Hargrove gas logs offer the best price and performance possible. They are beautiful , efficient, and realistic looking with the finest detail right down to the wood and embers.

Learn more about gas log sets here or ask a Comfort Consultant today.

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Perks of Having a Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces are in! Realtors, property managers, and developers know that homeowners want fireplaces, and none are more popular than the gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces come with a whole host of perks for the homeowner/renter, but they’re also great for the environment.

Gas is Versatile

Once you decide to use gas as your fuel, it’s time to choose the type of gas fireplace that works best for you.

  • Gas inserts are retro-fitted directly into an existing fireplace and are a great way to convert from wood to gas.
  • Direct gas inserts are a closed unit that can be installed anywhere and are vented through wall or ceiling.
  • Gas stoves can be installed anywhere and can be free-standing, vented, or vent-free.
  • Gas logs are growing in popularity, but do not produce as much heat as other gas options. They can be vented or vent-free, and are generally installed in an existing fireplace.

Whether you choose an insert, stove, or log set, gas fire appliances offer many benefits that make the shopping and installation completely worth it. Masonry fireplaces are built to be permanent. Once they’re constructed, it can be difficult and costly to change them. Installing a gas insert is the perfect way to give your tired hearth a facelift. Your gas fireplace can be replaced or moved, and in many models, you can even rearrange the ceramic wood logs to make it more realistic. You may even be able to purchase logs that look like a certain species of tree.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas fireplaces burn cleanly. They produce no ash and only minimal soot. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel, producing less carbon dioxide than all other fuels, and still makes enough heat to be an affective heat source.

User Friendly

Your gas fireplace will be convenient. They are easily installed and convenient to operate. Most modern models light and extinguish with the push of a button or flip of a switch. Many have a remote control and easy flame control so that you can adjust the heat, flame size, and shut it off instantly.


Gas fireplaces are not only easy to operate, but they need almost no maintenance. Dusting your gas fireplace with a dry rag during your regular cleaning routine is enough cleaning between your professional service appointments. Since a gas fire only produces minimal chemical byproducts, you won’t need to schedule as many chimney sweeps as you would for a wood-burning fireplace or appliance. Just make sure that it’s professionally installed, and you shouldn’t have to worry about regular operation between service appointments. Ask your technician when to schedule your first service appointment. It may be that your warranty is only valid if it’s serviced at certain intervals.

Are you still on the fence about choosing gas? Learn more about gas fireplace appliances here and call The Cozy Flame to get started looking for your gas fireplace today. Call 203-283-4459.

What is the Most Efficient Fireplace Fuel

There are several fuels that can heat a home well, some better than others. With industrial advancements in manufacturing, technology, and fire science, every home can have an efficient fireplace no matter what type of fuel it burns. However, one fuel type stands above the rest.

Burning Natural Gas The Most Efficient Fireplace Fuel Image - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

The most efficient fuel is natural gas, and the most efficient fireplace systems are those that burn natural gas.

  • Gas burns cleanly with little carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot
  • Requires less sweeps
  • Is more plentiful than other renewable sources of fuel
  • Is less dependent on electricity, offers the ability to use during a power outage
  • Has a convenient on/off switch and controls
  • Requires less maintenance, repairs, and wear and tear over time
  • Has many models, styles and installation options

When you choose to burn gas, you are releasing less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, less harmful gases in and around your home, and will require less maintenance due to a cleaner burn. Many models of gas fireplaces don’t even require chimney access, but can work together with a vent installed at the time of installation.

Gas Fireplaces at The Cozy Flame

The Cozy Flame wants all of our customers in Milford, Connecticut, and surrounding areas to be safe and warm each winter, but also to save money. The more efficient our customers are, the cleaner the air is in our neighborhoods. We live and work in Milford and our community is important to us. That is why we are happy to offer the best gas fireplace products on the market.

  • Gas Inserts – Both gas inserts and direct vent gas inserts are highly efficient, produce enough heat for adequate room heating, are closed units (not drawing heated air from the room) and are beautiful. You can choose a facing that matches your personality and your home decor, and keep your existing chimney with minor modifications.
  • Gas Stoves – Gas stoves offer all the benefits of a gas fireplace, but they can be installed anywhere that a wall is available to install a vent. These stoves have the classic look of traditional cast iron stoves and look realistic with ceramic logs and beautiful flames.
  • Gas Logs – Log sets are becoming a popular option in recent years because they are inserted directly into an existing firebox. You can choose vented and ventless log sets that are great for zone heating. Log sets come in different sizes according to space, ventilation, and heating needs, and even come in different tree types.

When you choose a gas fireplace, you are choosing the most efficient fuel type for your new fireplace. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your wood burning fireplace or would like the convenience of gas, it’s not difficult to transition. We can help you decide what type of fireplace will work best for you at The Cozy Flame. Stop in or call today.

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Choosing Gas Stove or Gas Logs

If you are in the middle of a new construction, remodel, or upgrade, consider gas. Gas stoves and log sets are a great option for home fireplaces, each offering their own set of benefits and function.

Gas Is Convenient

When you choose gas, you don’t have to worry about the wood, ashes, and dust associated with wood fireplaces. You also have the benefit of an on/off button or switch. Some models even come with a knob for flame control. No more do you have to fumble around with kindling and matches. No more do you have to stoke a fire with additional accessories or shovel ashes. The convenience of gas fireplace appliances is second to no other.

Gas is Green

Unlike wood fireplaces which release microscopic particle pollution into the air and lose up to 75 percent of their heat, gas products are the most efficient appliances on the market. Gas burns cleanly, meaning less pollution, less residue, and also less necessary maintenance. There are many models of gas fireplaces that don’t require electricity. This means you can even use your gas fireplace during an electrical outage.

Gas Offers Beauty and Versatility

You can give your tired fireplace a facelift with a stove insert or log set. You can transform your living room with a freestanding gas stove. Whether you’re seeking a traditional cast-iron feel or a contemporary, sleek design, there is a gas stove that will do the trick. A fireplace expert from The Cozy Flame can walk you through the process from start to finish. We sell the best of Regency Fireplace Products and Hargrove Gas Logs to offer our customers the very best in gas fireplace products.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are convenient and easy to install. They require almost no maintenance other than regular inspections and cleanings, and they can be installed anywhere.
Vent-Free Stoves – Are designed for complete combustion requiring no vent, but have smaller flames, and the logs can’t be rearranged. Since there is no need for ventilation or piping, these can be moved around, which many homeowners prefer. However, they do release some fumes that can aggravate respiratory illnesses.
Direct-Vent Stoves – These stoves are designed to be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, with one pipe to carry air in, and one to vent it back out. These pipes can be run through wall or floor, so the homeowner has some freedom of location, but they are stationary. The flame is beautiful and the logs can be rearranged just like a real wood fire.

Gas Log Sets

Like stoves, there are vent-free and vented gas log sets. Both can be installed into an existing fireplace to convert from wood to gas, or simply to repurpose an ancient or unsound chimney system. Gas logs are designed to look like real wood, even down to the species of tree. The blue flames of the vent-free logs are not as realistic as some homeowners desire. The vented log sets offer the realistic yellow flame but requires ventilation either by way of a new vent, or the existing chimney.

Part of the planning process is determining chimney soundness. Find out about gas appliances and your masonry chimney here or call The Cozy Flame at 203-283-4459.

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