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October is the best time of year for the fireplace. Most homeowners will crank up the fireplace for the first time in October. A crackling fire can be the perfect ambiance you need on a cool evening. A warm fire can keep you from needing to turn on the central heating system too soon. The fireplace may be the exact backdrop you need for all your upcoming holiday festivities. If it’s not, we can help! We sell and install mantels, doors, and other accessories to upgrade and update your fireplace.

Doors for Updates and UpgradesFamily in front of the fireplace
Whether you’re looking to give your fireplace a new look or wanting to improve efficiency, high quality fireplace doors are a great addition and offer many benefits. At The Cozy Flame we sell and install Thermo-Rite doors. Our large selection of Thermo-Rite doors are made in the US and are known for beauty and craftsmanship. We can fit beautiful and durable glass doors to an arched or rectangular fireplace and have double doors, wide-views, corner sets, mesh, and more. If you have a zero-clearance fireplace, we can match you with doors still–just ask the experts at The Cozy Flame. Adding doors to a fireplace–even a well-working fireplace–can improve efficiency substantially. The glass doors allow radiant heat, while preventing heat loss. Doors also prevent conditioned air from escaping out the chimney, saving money during the summer as well!

Mantels for Looks and Style
In today’s market, you may end up with a house or apartment with a gas fireplace, gas log set, small wood-fire appliance, or any number of appliances or fuel types. Even if your fireplace is installed into the wall, has zero-clearance, and was not originally constructed with one, you can have a mantel. We build mantels from brick and stone, install ready-made mantels to match your decor, style, and personality, and can get your fireplace looking like the focal point of your home in no time at all.

Accessories to Make Life Easier
At The Cozy Flame we recommend that our customers invest in certain fireplace accessories that will help make life easier and safer. We sell fireplace screens that are stylish and functional and that will complement the look of your hearth. Fireplace screens should be properly installed and secured to the hearth. We also sell tools that are designed to help stir and turn coals and logs, shovels that help safely remove ashes, and a brush to aid in cleaning. For more information about accessories that can help you have a safe and comfortable experience this winter, stop by and ask a professional today. Our Comfort Consultants can be found at our showroom at 116-Q Research Drive. For questions, plans, and other information to help your winter experience, call 203-283-4459 today.

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Why We Only Carry Thermo-Right Fireplace Doors

At The Cozy Flame, we are proud to carry a variety of high quality fireplace products. We take the time to make sure that every product we sell is the best in the industry; because of this, we only carry Thermo-Right fireplace doors. These American made glass fireplace doors are the best in the industry, and will make your fireplace a safer, more efficient, and more beautiful heating appliance.

About Thermo-Right

The Thermo-Right company was founded in 1942 in Akron, Ohio and is known as the “original manufacturer of glass fireplace doors”. From the company’s founding to the present day, Thermo-Right doors have been exclusively produced at the company plant in Akron, Ohio.

With a dedication to quality products and an eye for details, Thermo-Right continues to produce the highest quality fireplace doors and enclosures in the industry. We are proud to carry Thermo-Right Fireplace Doors - Milford CT-The Cozy Flame-w800-h800their products in our showroom, supporting an American company and giving our customers access to the highest quality fireplace doors in the industry.

The Thermo-Right difference

The Thermo-Right commitment to quality and innovation began at the founding of the company and still continues today. In fact, the company was awarded the first ever US patent for tempered glass fireplace doors and held the exclusive patent from 1946 to 1963.

Thermo-Right doors differ from other glass fireplace doors in that they are the highest quality and longest lasting doors in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to quality materials and precision manufacturing sets them apart from other fireplace door companies. Doors are available in anodized aluminum, steel, solid brass and brass- plated steel.

Thermo-Right offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of glass doors in order to fit a wide variety of fireplaces. With doors to fit stock masonry fireplaces, custom masonry fireplaces, and even zero clearance fireplaces, Thermo-Right has the right door for your fireplace. However, if you can’t find anything you like in stock, Thermo-Right also creates custom fireplace doors! Custom fireplace doors can be designed for any style and to fit any sized fireplace.

Why add fireplace doors

No matter what kind of fireplace you have, adding fireplace doors can improve the safety, efficiency, and style of your fireplace.

– Safety: If you have small children or pets, fireplace doors can help keep prying hands – and paws – from getting burned. Likewise, fireplace doors can also prevent sparks and embers from flying out of the fireplace and onto your floors or furniture.

NOTE: Before adding glass doors to your fireplace, always ask a professional and certified chimney sweep if glass doors are right for you. Some gas logs or glass fireplaces require open doors if there is a fire for safety reasons. Always ask a professional.

– Efficiency: Open hearth masonry fireplaces lose most of the heat they create up the chimney; only 10-20% of the heat is carried into the room, while more than 80% is lost up the chimney. Adding glass fireplace doors can help absorb and reflect the heat back into the room, making your fireplace more efficient.

– Beauty: If your fireplace is out of date or does not go with your décor style – yet you don’t have the money to replace it – fireplace doors can update it with a much smaller price tag. With a variety of styles to choose from, there are Thermo-Right fireplace doors to fit in with any home’s style.

We believe that Thermo-Right glass fireplace doors are the best in the industry and are proud to carry them in our showroom. If you’re interested in adding Thermo-Right doors to your fireplace or have questions about fireplace glass doors, come visit The Cozy Flame showroom today and see what makes them highest quality fireplace enclosures on the market!

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Installing Fireplace Doors Save on Energy Bills

Fireplace Doors Heating Efficiency  - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

Heritage style welded steel frame and glass doors

Nothing can create a feeling of warmth and welcome quite like an open hearth fireplace. A roaring wood burning fire is a great way to create a relaxing ambiance and make any room feel homier.

Unfortunately, open hearth fireplaces are known for their inefficiency. Because of their open design, large amounts of energy are often lost during the combustion process. However, there is one can to make your fireplace more efficient – installing fireplace doors!

There are a number of benefits to installing fireplace doors. In addition to saving money on energy bills, adding fireplace doors is also a great way to change the look of your fireplace without investing in a major remodel. Below are some reasons to consider installing fireplace doors.

1. Save on energy bills

Fireplace doors can help lower your heating and cooling costs. Although a damper can partially seal your chimney from the rest of your house, it does not keep heated or cooled air from escaping. Likewise, dampers often allow warm or cold air from outside your home in, causing your HVAC system to run more in order to compensate. By installing fireplace doors, you are creating an extra layer of protection between your climate controlled air and the outside temperature. This helps keep the temperature inside your home more constant which leads to savings on your energy bills.

2. Increased efficiency

In addition to helping you save money on your energy bills, fireplace doors can also help your fireplace operate more efficiently. Most open hearth fireplaces operate with about 10% efficiency, meaning much of the heat created by the fire is lost up the chimney. Fireplace doors are able to increase efficiency by allowing heat to be better absorbed and radiated throughout the room. Likewise, closing the doors helps mimic the effects of a closed combustion system, helping wood burn more completely.

3. Better fireplace safety

If you live in a home with small children or pets, you may have safety concerns when it comes to using your fireplace. Fireplace doors are an excellent way to create a barrier between the fire and the rest of your home, preventing inquiring hands – or paws – from getting too close to the flames. Likewise, fireplace doors can also keep stray sparks and embers out of the rest of your home, helping to reduce the risk of accidental fire.

4. Updated style

An out of date fireplace can be an eyesore, especially if it does not fit with the style of the rest of your home. Adding fireplace doors is a way to change the look of your fireplace without the costly expense of a complete rebuild. Fireplace doors are available in styles ranging from the contemporary to the traditional, allowing you to find the perfect fireplace doors for your home.

Installing fireplace doors is a great way to help you save money on your energy bills. If you’re interested in giving your fireplace an updated look while saving money and increase efficiency, stop by The Cozy Flame to shop and learn about what fireplace doors can do for you home!

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