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All About Pellet Stoves

One of the most popular options for fire appliances is the wood stove, but many homeowners shy away from the hassle, mess, and work involved when burning wood. A popular alternative is a stove that burns pellets. Pellets are a manufactured product made of wood byproducts that burn more cleanly than wood and generates the warmth of a wood-burning fire–without the wood!

The Convenience of Gas and the Warmth of Wood

pellets and flamesA pellet stove offers the most benefits short of burning gas. Pellet stoves are a closed unit which come with benefits such as immediate ignition, precise temperature control, extinguishment, and even a pellet hopper to continue feeding the fire at regular intervals.

Why choose Pellet Stoves
When you choose a stove, you can install anywhere. A stove needs only a ventilation flue which can be installed through any ceiling or wall. This means you can have a pellet stove professionally installed in any area of your home whether your space is big or small. Our professionals can even install a stove in a corner when necessary precautions are made with refractory materials. Stoves can also be installed inside an existing fireplace.

Hire a Professional
When you’re considering a new installation, it’s important to hire a professional for all fire appliance installations and services. Both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) agree on what makes fireplace systems safe. The safest and most efficient systems are those installed and maintained by certified professionals. Not only that, but your manufacturer may require professional installation to honor any warranty.

Talk to a Comfort Consultant Today
A pellet stove offers many options, but it still may not be right for you. Pellets are a manufactured product that must be bought and stored for use. They cannot be replaced with any other product and nothing else can be burned in a pellet stove. At The Cozy Flame we carry pellet stoves from Regency. They offer the warmth and look of a real wood fire, without the hassle of cutting, storing, or lighting wood. These products are high-efficiency, high-heat, and eco-friendly, utilizing a renewable resource to keep bringing fire to your home day after day and year after year.
We can match you with a pellet stove with convenient light, precise temperature control, consistent heat, and a steady, always ready-to-go dependability. Don’t let the cost of these high-quality products dissuade you from a lasting investment in your home. Call the Comfort Consultants from The Cozy Flame today.

We are only showing products by appointment at this time, and you can schedule yours by calling 203-283-4459.

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Firewood Storing and Burning Tips

It’s almost October, and that means it’s nearly time for a crackling fire in the fireplace. Ideally, you have a nice supply of firewood ready for the first fire of the season, but if you’re like manyFirewood homeowners, you put it off until the last minute. When it comes to chimney and fireplace maintenance and preparation, procrastination can be dangerous. You may be left out in the cold, and you may waste time and money trying to light improper firewood.

Seasoned Firewood

Your firewood should be properly seasoned before it’s burned in the fireplace (or anywhere else). When the tree is cut down, it’s filled with water that was keeping it alive. When it’s cut, it must be set aside for 3-6 months to dry–maybe longer for extremely hard woods. Selecting the correct firewood is the best way to have an efficient fireplace, a warm fire, and a safe burn all season long. Seasoned firewood produces less creosote, burns hotter with less fuel, and is easier to light. If you don’t take the time to cut and store firewood, you risk depending on green or “wet” wood to heat your home, and you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Green Wood

Burning green wood has too much water content. When it’s burned it takes more wood to reach the desired temperature, the wood burns incompletely, and it even produces more particulate pollution that affects the environment and more soot and creosote that affects your chimney. In order to get the most out of your firewood, especially if you’re cutting from your own property, is to select wood species that will work best for your needs and to cut and store it properly so that it burns better and lasts longer.

Storing Firewood

There are many ways to properly store firewood while it dries, and many of them can be cheap, and some can even be fun.

  1. Woodshed – You can build a woodshed for your firewood that keeps it out of the elements, while still allowing airflow. If you stack your firewood tightly inside a closed shed or building, it may take longer to dry because there won’t be any air flowing around and between the wood. A popular option is a lean-to because it allows sunlight and air to dry the wood, while keeping it covered from rain and snow.
  2. Woodpile – If you don’t have the time or materials to build a woodshed, you may choose to stack the wood in your yard. This is a fine way to allow it to dry, and it can still dry while exposed to the elements. Simply stack it bark-side-up so that water runs off. The bottom layer can be stacked bark-side-down to keep from absorbing standing water. However, you can prevent standing water by putting your stack of firewood on a bed of sand or gravel. Regardless, you can ensure the wood is ready by stacking loosely and by letting it sit for 3-6 months. Don’t rush it.

If you’re not sure what kind of firewood to use or what the big deal is, you can call and talk to a fire expert at The Cozy Flame. We’re always willing to answer your questions because our customers are first priority. We want you to be safe and warm this fall and winter, and your fire starts with your firewood. Call us at 203-283-4459.

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Professionally Install Your New Fireplace or Insert

Professional New Fireplace Image - Milford CT - Cozy FlameSo you think you’ve found your dream fireplace? You’ve put in the time price checking, learning about different fuels, different appliance efficiency, possible installation hangups, and day-to-day ease of use. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and you have picked the fireplace that’s right for you. Now what?

It’s a common misconception that any homeowner can install his or her own fireplace. While it may be possible, it isn’t recommended for many reasons.

Fire Safety

There is an entire industry surrounding fire safety. For this reason chimney professionals are seeking credentials from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, now an industry standard. It’s CSIA’s mission to put the safety and warmth of homeowners above all else, and to do this by providing expert services based on training and experience, as well as educating homeowners on fire safety.

Why Hire a Professional

CSIA certified chimney sweeps are the best in the industry. They adhere to a stringent code of ethics  designed to protect homeowners from scams, and to offer them the best services available. It’s because of this code of ethics that The Cozy Flame recommends and sells appliances and products that are the best in the industry because we want all of our customers to be safe and warm, to experience a positive shopping experience, find their dream fireplace, and for it to operate according to their needs for comfort and efficiency. For these reasons we also recommend only professional installations. Only a CSIA certified chimney sweep can properly install your new fireplace or insert according to manufacturer’s guidelines every time, make professional recommendations about location, refractory walls, and chimney maintenance.

The Cozy Flame recommends Total Chimney Care  for all of your chimney needs. The level of professionalism and expertise you will receive from a Total Chimney Care appointment will have you calling them for not just installations, but also chimney sweepsinspections, repairs, and more.

You wouldn’t hire just anyone to replace your car’s transmission, so don’t hire an amateur to install valuable components in an intricate system like your chimney and fireplace. Hire the professionals that will put your safety and comfort first every time. Hire a local, Veteran-owned business that has been in operation and has been serving in Milford, Connecticut and surrounding areas for over twenty years!

During a standard product installation you can expect a technician to meet with you every step of the way in order to provide you with your dream fireplace. Your Total Chimney Care technician is abreast in building codes in Milford as well as surrounding neighborhoods and always follows the safety standards of the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 211. Check with your homeowners insurance provider. They may require your appliance is installed by a certified chimney sweep. This is a common requirement because professional installation lowers risk of fire, raises efficiency, and means a longer life for your fireplace and chimney system.

Don’t attempt to install your own fireplace or insert. Hire a professional today by contacting Total Chimney Care.

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All About Gas Logs

All About Gas Logs

A popular, energy-efficient way to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas fuel, gas logs are more economical than gas fireplace inserts, and these logs require less time to install as well. A roaring fire without any hassle, some sets of gas logs are so convenient that you can use a remote control to adjust the flame. In the past, artificial fireplace logs looked so unrealistic that no one was tricked into believing he was looking at a wood-burning fire. Forget those plastic-looking logs from the 1970’s; when you see a fire burning using the Hargrove gas logs sets you will find at The Cozy Flame, you may have to remind yourself that you are not watching flaming logs of wood. Our Comfort Consultants in the showroom at The Cozy Flame would like to tell you more about gas logs and how they can heat your house with some help from the experts at the Chimney Institute of America (CSIA).

There are two different kinds of gas log appliances. If you have more questions after reading this post, please feel free to call us.

There are two different kinds of gas log appliances. If you have more questions after reading this post, please feel free to call us.

The most important things to know when you are shopping for gas logs include what the two different types are and what makes these two types different:

  1. vented gas logs Also known as the “yellow flame” gas logs, a working chimney with the approval to use gas to fuel its fireplace is required to install this type of gas logs. Producing a beautiful, realistic fire, the flame provided by vented gas logs is quite often mistaken as a wood-burning fire. The heat output of this type of gas logs is also comparable to a wood-fueled fire as part of it exits through the chimney, so it is not as strong as the other type of gas logs. Venting by-products like soot and carbon out via the chimney, the CSIA recommends you have your chimney swept annually as proper and safe maintenance.
  2. vent-free gas logs If you have heard someone talking about “blue flame” gas logs, he or she is talking about this type of gas logs. As is named “vent-free,” this type of gas logs needs no ventilation and can be installed almost anywhere in your home, as long as it meets the codes of your town. Your local codes are particularly important if you want to use vent-free logs to heat your home because in certain parts of the country, you cannot legally use this type of gas logs, due to the effects it has on the indoor air quality of your house. While the appearance of the vent-free gas logs fire is not as realistic as one of the other type, the “blue flame” fire provides much more heat than a “yellow flame” fire ever possibly could. Approved for installation in a wood-burning fireplace with its damper closed, the Cozy Flame can also install a separate firebox cabinet which is approved for use without a chimney for these gas logs.

If you have any more questions about gas logs and which type is right for your home, contact The Cozy Flame today. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in choosing your best set of Hargrove gas logs.

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