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Though the holidays have passed, we’re finally experiencing winter in much of the US. Many homeowners are watching their utility bills rise during these last cold months of winter and wondering what exactly can be done. There is hope for your heating bill, and even an answer for your chilly nights. You can stay cozy and warm when you add a gas insert. They’re beautiful and stylish, warm and efficient, and can be installed anywhere. That’s right. You don’t need a chimney construction for this one.


Variety of StylesStay Warm & Cozy with Gas Inserts - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

When you choose a gas insert, you can choose from a variety of styles. These inserts are fueled by gas, but retain the look of the classic wood-burning fire with a fire-viewing window and ceramic logs in your fire. Regency gas fireplaces are manufactured with incredible attention to detail–right down to the realistic cracks and features on the logs. These units are available in traditional styles as well as contemporary. Choose the facing and doors you like, as well as the shape and size.


Easy Installation

Gas inserts are cost-effective. You can have a gas insert retrofitted directly into your existing fireplace, using it solely, and avoiding a costly firebox rebuild. The installation itself is less involved than a construction or rebuild, however, it still must be completed by a professional. When you choose gas, you can have an insert installed in your firebox, or you can choose a direct vent gas insert which can be installed anywhere- any room, any space, any size.


Direct Vent

Direct vent gas inserts  can be installed anywhere that a vent can be directed through a wall or roof. They do not require a chimney whatsoever, and require only one pipe where air intake and exhaust are both carried. Your direct vent insert doesn’t use any air from inside the home, so it doesn’t affect other appliances, does not bring a draft, does not waste any heat up a chimney, and can be used perfectly when your central heat is in use. The direct vent gas insert is of the highest efficiency, and is a growing favorite among homeowners, businesses, and even the hospitality industry, being installed in cabins and inns across the country.


Convenience of Gas

Your gas fireplace can be exactly what you choose, can be installed anywhere, and offers a convenience that is unrivaled by other fire units. There’s really no reason not to choose a gas fireplace. There will be no cutting, storing, carrying, or lighting firewood when you choose a gas fireplace. Your gas insert will have a switch for ignition, so no need for matches or kindling. Many models even have a remote control so that you can light your fire from across the room, as well as precise temperature control. Because gas fires are so efficient, you will require less routine maintenance as well.

To find out if a new gas insert is logical for you, check out this House Logic article.

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