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Professional New Fireplace Image - Milford CT - Cozy FlameSo you think you’ve found your dream fireplace? You’ve put in the time price checking, learning about different fuels, different appliance efficiency, possible installation hangups, and day-to-day ease of use. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and you have picked the fireplace that’s right for you. Now what?

It’s a common misconception that any homeowner can install his or her own fireplace. While it may be possible, it isn’t recommended for many reasons.

Fire Safety

There is an entire industry surrounding fire safety. For this reason chimney professionals are seeking credentials from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, now an industry standard. It’s CSIA’s mission to put the safety and warmth of homeowners above all else, and to do this by providing expert services based on training and experience, as well as educating homeowners on fire safety.

Why Hire a Professional

CSIA certified chimney sweeps are the best in the industry. They adhere to a stringent code of ethics  designed to protect homeowners from scams, and to offer them the best services available. It’s because of this code of ethics that The Cozy Flame recommends and sells appliances and products that are the best in the industry because we want all of our customers to be safe and warm, to experience a positive shopping experience, find their dream fireplace, and for it to operate according to their needs for comfort and efficiency. For these reasons we also recommend only professional installations. Only a CSIA certified chimney sweep can properly install your new fireplace or insert according to manufacturer’s guidelines every time, make professional recommendations about location, refractory walls, and chimney maintenance.

The Cozy Flame recommends Total Chimney Care  for all of your chimney needs. The level of professionalism and expertise you will receive from a Total Chimney Care appointment will have you calling them for not just installations, but also chimney sweepsinspections, repairs, and more.

You wouldn’t hire just anyone to replace your car’s transmission, so don’t hire an amateur to install valuable components in an intricate system like your chimney and fireplace. Hire the professionals that will put your safety and comfort first every time. Hire a local, Veteran-owned business that has been in operation and has been serving in Milford, Connecticut and surrounding areas for over twenty years!

During a standard product installation you can expect a technician to meet with you every step of the way in order to provide you with your dream fireplace. Your Total Chimney Care technician is abreast in building codes in Milford as well as surrounding neighborhoods and always follows the safety standards of the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 211. Check with your homeowners insurance provider. They may require your appliance is installed by a certified chimney sweep. This is a common requirement because professional installation lowers risk of fire, raises efficiency, and means a longer life for your fireplace and chimney system.

Don’t attempt to install your own fireplace or insert. Hire a professional today by contacting Total Chimney Care.