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Independence Day is just around the corner, and your Fourth of July festivities can be made perfect with a grilling recipe that the whole family can enjoy. Parties and gatherings traditionally revolve around food, and summer is no different. When you’re planning a celebration during the summer, it usually revolves around the grill. Don’t disappoint your guests, neighbors, or family this year with the same old barbecued chicken and hot dogs. Impress them with these go-to grill recipes this summer.

make your own pizza on grill

Cooking for a Crowd

If you have the Large, XLarge, or XXLarge Big Green Egg, you will have no problem cooking for a small group—or the whole block! Using the EGG, you can cook directly on the fire, grill indirectly or roast, smoke, and bake to complete your meal to perfection. The MHP Grill we sell at The Cozy Flame also offers a large grill surface for your summer gathering. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just the family, our favorite recipes will work with our favorite grills and yours.

Summer Squash

Capture the flavor of summer with this Summer Squash and Red Onion recipe. Don’t settle for squishy, flavorless squash. This recipe is perfect for cutting costs and cutting calories. Don’t waste money on store-bought sides when you can grill healthy options right alongside the meat.


Don’t let your guests fill up on the same old chicken drumsticks, hot dogs, chips, and pasta salad. Dazzle them with dessert straight off the grill using your favorite cast-iron skillets. Indulge in this Cherry Berry Dutch Oven Cobbler or turn the potato salad on its head with this Dutch Oven Cheesy Potatoes Recipe.

DE-LISH on a Stick

Who said only meat and mushrooms belong on a skewer? We love kebabs and your guests and family will love them too! Kebabs are a great way to incorporate vegetarian options to the meal or bring together flavors that you might not otherwise try. This extensive list of 50 Kebabs from Food Network includes skewered masterpieces like Korean beef, chili beef, rosemary lamb, chicken liver, turkey meatball, chipotle shrimp, and more.

Hand-Made Pizzas

For the price of a decent pizza at the grocery store, you can handmake a family-sized pizza. Whether you’re looking to make one big pizza or several personal pizzas, it is a quick and satisfying way to use your grill. Bring together the taste of summer with this Corn, Sausage, and Cheddar grilled pizza and more. Don’t stop with the main course. You can finish off any barbecue or party with this Fruit Pizza a la mode!

At The Cozy Flame, we don’t just take grills seriously. We take grilling seriously! Try these summer grill recipes on your crew this summer and let us know how it went the next time you’re in the store. If you have enough leftover, bring some by!

If you’re in the market for a new grill, stop in and see our favorites in action. Visit our store at 116-Q Research Dr., in Milford, Connecticut.