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Fireplaces are in! Realtors, property managers, and developers know that homeowners want fireplaces, and none are more popular than the gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces come with a whole host of perks for the homeowner/renter, but they’re also great for the environment.

Gas is Versatile

Once you decide to use gas as your fuel, it’s time to choose the type of gas fireplace that works best for you.

  • Gas inserts are retro-fitted directly into an existing fireplace and are a great way to convert from wood to gas.
  • Direct gas inserts are a closed unit that can be installed anywhere and are vented through wall or ceiling.
  • Gas stoves can be installed anywhere and can be free-standing, vented, or vent-free.
  • Gas logs are growing in popularity, but do not produce as much heat as other gas options. They can be vented or vent-free, and are generally installed in an existing fireplace.

Whether you choose an insert, stove, or log set, gas fire appliances offer many benefits that make the shopping and installation completely worth it. Masonry fireplaces are built to be permanent. Once they’re constructed, it can be difficult and costly to change them. Installing a gas insert is the perfect way to give your tired hearth a facelift. Your gas fireplace can be replaced or moved, and in many models, you can even rearrange the ceramic wood logs to make it more realistic. You may even be able to purchase logs that look like a certain species of tree.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas fireplaces burn cleanly. They produce no ash and only minimal soot. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel, producing less carbon dioxide than all other fuels, and still makes enough heat to be an affective heat source.

User Friendly

Your gas fireplace will be convenient. They are easily installed and convenient to operate. Most modern models light and extinguish with the push of a button or flip of a switch. Many have a remote control and easy flame control so that you can adjust the heat, flame size, and shut it off instantly.


Gas fireplaces are not only easy to operate, but they need almost no maintenance. Dusting your gas fireplace with a dry rag during your regular cleaning routine is enough cleaning between your professional service appointments. Since a gas fire only produces minimal chemical byproducts, you won’t need to schedule as many chimney sweeps as you would for a wood-burning fireplace or appliance. Just make sure that it’s professionally installed, and you shouldn’t have to worry about regular operation between service appointments. Ask your technician when to schedule your first service appointment. It may be that your warranty is only valid if it’s serviced at certain intervals.

Are you still on the fence about choosing gas? Learn more about gas fireplace appliances here and call The Cozy Flame to get started looking for your gas fireplace today. Call 203-283-4459.