Conversion to Gas Fireplace

We now live in a time where we want things done easily and hassle-free. We want to see to it that we don’t need to exert too much effort just to get things done. This is the same in the world of fireplaces and chimneys. As phones kept changing to a better, easier model, the same is true for fireplaces.

One big advantage of gas fireplace is the energy-efficiency it provides.

One big advantage of gas fireplace is the energy-efficiency it provides.

Before, we only had the old-fashioned fireplaces that were huge and could only cater to dry seasoned wood. It was a hassle to constantly stack and find or buy wood. But now, we have options. We now have gas fireplaces.

We’d like to explain more about having a gas fireplace and the how this can make your life easier.

The Difference

The fireplace of before really needs to be maintained properly or else you will encounter chimney and roof fires all the time. You need have perfectly seasoned wood and make sure you have enough of it to keep you warm all throughout the cold season. When the fire begins to die down, you have to start stacking and burning more wood while constantly looking after the fire. And the list goes on and on. This will definitely defeat the purpose of being at ease.

When you have a gas fireplace you not only get to control the amount of fire and the warmth that you’d like, you also get to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ambiance. You can turn it on and off anytime you want. You can control the flame that it gives. Some even have a remote control so you don’t have to get up every time you need to adjust the flame. It’s also a bit smaller compared to an older model. If you notice older models are big and very simple. A gas fireplace is totally different. It looks very beautiful. It has its own style that will really add aesthetic value to your home. It’s also very safe to use.

Converting to gas is a matter of choice that we will so gladly talk to you about if you really are interested in having one for your home.

We have the best CSIA-certified professionals to guide you all the way in learning about this energy efficient and highly convenient heating system. If you also need your chimney checked and cleaned, or if you need to have other fireplace and chimney related services done, we can definitely assist you with that. Give us a call now and let’s talk!