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Fireplaces are more popular than ever in the housing market and among homeowners who are remodeling or constructing new homes. In today’s fireplace industry the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to what is available, efficient, and safe.

Fuel Type

The first thing to consider when choosing a fireplace insert is what type of fuel you’d like to burn. Many homeowners prefer the ambiance of a wood fireplace, but today’s technologies allow for beautiful flames with other fuel options. At The Cozy Flame we offer pellet, wood, and gas inserts. They’re all beautiful, efficient, and versatile in design, function, and installation.How to Choose a Fireplace Insert Image - Milford, CT - The Cozy Flame


When you choose an insert you have the option of retro-fitting it into an exiting masonry fireplace, or installing it in another place entirely. If you choose to install your insert in a room or location where there isn’t an existing fireplace you are limited to a direct-vent gas insert, but these inserts are beautiful and highly efficient.

You can choose a wood, pellet, or gas insert and the appliance will be attached to the existing chimney. The chimney should be thoroughly inspected by a certified chimney sweep for safe operation and the chimney liner should be appropriately-sized for the insert and should be rated for use with the fuel that you choose.


When you’re choosing an insert for an existing fireplace, a fireplace expert from The Cozy Flame can walk you through the whole process starting with measuring your space. Any of our models can be appropriately fitted into an existing fireplace. Inserts come in small sizes, useful for zone heating and ambiance, large sizes, and everything in between. The important thing is to size the flue liner appropriately so that it vents properly.


At The Cozy Flame we specialize in hearth design and fireplace aesthetics. Not only do we have an easy-to-find showroom just minutes off the I95 turnpike, but we also have online galleries of all of our best products. View our gas insert designs, our pellet inserts, and our wood-burning inserts. We proudly offer Regency products because of their warranty, customer satisfaction, and flawless designs.

If you’re ready to put together your dream fireplace, The Cozy Flame is ready to help. All of our fireplace experts are familiar with Regency inserts and specialize in hearth design and sales. We let our partners at Total Chimney Care focus on the installation, maintenance, and repairs so that we can focus on helping you find your dream fireplace.

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