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If you are spending more than you’d like on home heating, there is a remedy for that. Homes can be heated with a furnace, through the use of fireplaces, electric heaters, or even boilers (depending on the size of the home). In all these cases, there is a more efficient option, and one that can save you money in the long run.

High Fuel Costs

Your furnace or boiler may use heating oil for fuel. This is a petroleum-based fuel, and its cost fluctuates with the economy. At times the cost can rise so high, that you may not be able to operate your furnace. Perhaps you supplement the cost of central heating with a fireplace. Unfortunately, a traditional open fireplace loses up to 75 percent of it’s heated air up the chimney. This is a waste of wood, and a waste of your centrally-heated air. With fall fast-approaching, it’s a good idea to look at other options.

High-Efficiency Stoves

Stoves are a closed unit that don’t lose heated air like a traditional open fireplace. They are efficient, burn hotter and cleaner, and push out more heat than a traditional fireplace. They are safe, affordable, easily installed, and some models even qualify for a tax credit due to their efficiency rating.

Wood Stoves

The Cozy Flame sells Regency wood stoves, both catalytic and non-catalytic. Catalytic wood stoves offer the most heat, and are recommended if the stove will be your main source of heat. Non-catalytic stoves, the more affordable option, are for supplemental heat only. Both options are beautiful. They come in contemporary or traditional styles, and everything in between.

Many homeowners choose wood stoves if they have their own source of wood, but it’s important to burn only properly seasoned wood. Burning wood that is freshly cut is too wet and will burn incompletely, leaving excess creosote in your flue, and requiring more routine maintenance.

Pellet Stoves

For those looking for an even more efficient option, the pellet stove is the best option for high-heat, convenience, and minimal impact on the environment. Instead of burning wood, it burns pellets, which are manufactured from recycled wood products. The pellets have to be bought and stored for winter so that you do not run low, but many stores offer bulk sales for pellets. The pellet stove is a convenient option because of the hopper that feeds the flame so you don’t have to, resulting in a steady temperature and long burn. Pellets burn cleanly, leaving less residue in your chimney, creating less pollution for the environment, and most models qualify for a Biomass federal tax credit.

Regency pellet stoves look like a wood fireplace. They have a window for fire-viewing with realistic logs and create heat enough for home heating or zone heating.

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Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing heat source, or replace it completely, wood and pellet stoves are a great option. You can discuss the options, styles, and installation plans with a fire expert at The Cozy Flame at your convenience. Stop by our showroom and see some of the stoves in action or call a fire expert today at 203-283-4459.