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Nothing Brings About The Heat & Memories Of A Wood-Burning Stove

HamptonH300LargeWoodStove-MilfordCT-TheCozyFlameIs there any other heating appliance that can match the cozy comfort of a wood stove? We think not. Today there are lots of options for those homeowners who won’t have it any other way than a real wood-burning appliance. These options include traditional cast iron wood-burning stoves (though many look very modern)—available as either catalytic or non-catalytic. Many wood stove inserts are guaranteed to be eco-friendly, with low EPA-certified emissions, and come with heat-activated fans that improve room air circulation.

Things To Love About A Wood Stove

  • The beauty of burning wood. We can pretty much predict that the other rooms in your house will miss your company after you have a wood stove installed. Wood stoves have quite a magnetic presence.
  • Wood fuel is eco-friendly, as wood is a renewable resource.
  • Wood heat tends to be warmer than other types of heat. This all depends on who you ask, but plenty of people swear up and down that nothing heats like real wood.
  • Fuel is economical—especially if you can harvest the wood from your own property. But if you do need to buy it, wood is still cheaper than other types of fuel. Because of increased oil prices, propane gas is now one of the most expensive fuels, and electricity has always been one of the most expensive ways to heat your home.
  • Chopping and hauling wood is a good source of physical activity. This benefit might seem like a stretch, but we find that some people really do enjoy this part of the process.
  • Self-sufficiency. With a wood stove or insert, you don’t have to rely on electricity or gas for heat. When the power’s out, you’ll still have a way to heat your home.
  • Wood stoves come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. We usually think of wood stoves in traditional terms, but there are a lot of contemporary options out there now.

Catalytic vs. Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

Catalytic wood stoves are used as a primary heat source while non-catalytic wood stoves are used for supplementary heat or ambiance. Catalytic stoves are perfect for those who want to use a wood stove for a lot of their heating needs and to lower their heating costs, while non-catalytic stoves are better for those with fewer heating demands. Non-catalytic stoves are also more affordable and require less maintenance, as catalytic stoves should be replaced every five years or so.

You Can’t Beat The Quality Of A Regency Wood Stove!

Here at The Cozy Flame, we carry an array of wood stoves from Regency, one of the best names in the industry. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern, with or without a cook top surface, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our selection of beautiful and efficient wood stoves. Shop Regency wood stoves online, or stop in and see our selection at 116-Q Research Drive in Milford, CT. Our Comfort Consultants can answer any questions you may have!


The features and benefits of a gas stove may suit you and your lifestyle better. You can count on our hearth expertise to guide you to the best decision for your situation.

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