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Pellet Stoves: The Warmth Of Wood Without The Hassle!

HamptonGC60LargePelletStove-MilfordCT-TheCozyFlameIf you’re looking to enjoy the warmth and look of a real wood fire, without the hassle of chopping, seasoning, hauling and storing wood, a Pellet Stove could be the perfect appliance for your home. Designed to make use of a renewable resource with high heat output and very little waste, a Pellet Stove can give you the pros of wood without the cons.

Here at The Cozy Flame, we carry a variety of Pellet Stoves from Regency — one of the top name brands in the industry.

  • Regency Fireplace Products has been producing fireplaces, inserts and stoves here in the USA for over 30 years. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Regency makes some of the most efficient Pellet Stoves in the industry.

What’s So Great About Pellet Stoves?

  • Controllable & Consistent Heat: Maintaining and controlling the temperature of your fire doesn’t have to involve work. With a Pellet Stove, pellets are automatically fed into the fire, keeping your fire effortlessly going. You can use the feeder settings to control the temperature of your fire, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.
  • Budget-Friendly: As a fuel, pellets are relatively inexpensive, and since they are made from a renewable resource, they’re readily available year-round. You can also buy pellets in large or small amounts, so you only have to pay for what you need.
  • Efficient: Because pellets are densely-packed, very little fuel is wasted during the combustion process, and a high level of heat is produced.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Pellets are made of densely packed wood shavings, making use of what would otherwise be thrown away. As a waste product that is in constant supply, pellets are a great way to enjoy a fire without the guilt. Additionally, pellets are so densely packed and dried that they burn much cleaner and produce much less ash than wood.
  • Convenient & Easy To Store: Because pellets are small and can be bought in large or small amounts, they’re much easier to store and load than wood logs.

Have questions or need help choosing an appliance? Call The Cozy Flame’s Comfort Consultants at 203-283-4459, or come by and see us at our store in Milford, CT!


Maybe a pellet insert is the answer you’re looking for to increase the efficiency of your existing fireplace? Let  our hearth department help you answer that question today.

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