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Packing sandwiches gets old when you spend a lot of time at the beach or on the water. Wouldn’t you rather bite into a juicy burger or chicken breast? With MHP Grills you can! Known as the originator of the gas grill and as a producer of high-quality products with lifetime warranties, MHP has been making grilling easier and more enjoyable for more than 50 years. In that time, MHP has earned a reputation for being the go-to grill for beach and water lovers. MHP Grills’ quality is so great that grill covers are only an option, but not required, as they often are for most other grills. These American-made products can be fueled with LP or natural gas and are built to last, even when exposed to sea spray, sun, and wind, which is why they’re perfect for those of us here on the water.

Here at Cozy Flame, you’ll find some of the best grills MHP has to offer, including the following models. With options for grill heads, mountings, columns, and bases, you can truly customize your MHP to meet your needs.

JNR_PS_with_JCP_Cart JNR-PS with JCP Cart
With a 495 sq. inch cooking area and 30,000 BTUs, the JNR 4 is perfect for those looking for a smaller grill to fit a smaller space. But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it lacks anything – you’ll enjoy ¼” stainless steel cooking grids, a stainless steel warming rack for keeping everything hot, electronic ignition, a stainless steel handle that stays cool to the touch, and a built-in heat indicator. Choose the mounting option that makes the most sense for you and your family. Need something portable or something permanent? You decide! Available upgrades include rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grids and a stainless steel side burner, both of which can help you enjoy years of service from your grill. Worried about space? Opt for a secondary cooking surface!
For added beauty, functionality, and space, try the popular WNK 4 model. Featuring 642 sq. inches of cooking surface and 40,000 BTUs, this grill allows you to BBQ in style with two 5/16” stainless steel cooking grids. Need somewhere to keep the burgers warm while you throw on the dogs? The stainless steel swing-away warming rack is a lifesaver. Worried about fitting turkeys and other large meat cuts in your grill? The lid on the WNK 4 is designed with you in mind. Other features include a built-in heat indicator so you’re always in the know, electronic ignition for easy start up, and a stainless steel handle that stays cool to the touch. As with the JNR model, the WNK allows you to choose a mounting option that best suits you. Whether you’re adding the grill to your outdoor kitchen or island, or looking to take the grill with you when you hit the beach, there’s a mounting option for you.Upgrade options include a stainless steel burner, an infra-roast rotisserie burner system, an extra cooking surface, and rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grids.
Do you long for a grill that allows you to cook faster and seal in more moisture and flavor? This infrared and hybrid model is everything you’ve always wanted. Have the grill ready in three minutes and enjoy the juicy results that the high heat of infrared produces. You’ll also enjoy fewer flare ups and spend less time grilling, more time enjoying the flavor. The infrared burners and hybrid burners will change the way you grill! Features include electronic ignition lights and individual burners, stainless steel fold-down shelves, SearMagic® cooking grids, a warming rack, a built-in heat indicator, and a stainless steel handle that stays cool to the touch. Choose the mounting option that best suits your needs and upgrade with a stainless steel side burner or infra-roast rotisserie burner system. You won’t regret it!


Another great grilling option is the Big Green Egg for amazing tasty results every time you grill. Come see us at The Cozy Flame and let us show you what we mean!

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