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Fireplace Glass Doors Image - Milford CT - The Cozy FlameYou have most likely put a lot of thought into your dream fireplace, and there may only be one thing that can make it complete. At The Cozy Flame we recommend our customers in Milford, Connecticut and surrounding areas choose and have glass doors professionally installed. In this climate, especially, glass doors are a must, but they’re very beneficial in general, and beautiful to boot!

Save on Energy

A substantial amount of conditioned air is lost up the chimney during summer months. During Connecticut’s harsh winter weather cold gusts can also cause problems in your fireplace. It can push flames into your living space as well as cause cool drafts in the home. Although glass doors may decrease heat output slightly, it does provide for a more consistent temperature overall, during burning season and the rest of the year as well.

Added Safety Feature

While glass doors still allow radiant heat, they do provide added protection from accidental burns when children are in the house. The burn that may possibly occur by touching the glass is far less serious than what can occur if a child falls into a fire. Glass doors also prevent burns from stray sparks and debris that may sometimes escape the fire. Nothing will get through the glass door, so you don’t have to worry about accidental injuries or burns in your floors or furniture due to stray sparks.

The Easy Fireplace Facelift

If you are tired of your fireplace or if you want to update or modernize your fireplace for a real estate sale or remodel then a custom glass door is for you. Thermo-Rite fireplace doors are known for their attention to detail, easy installation, trouble-free use, and timeless beauty.

Check out some of Thermo-Rite’s best work in their customer gallery.

When you visit The Cozy Flame you are able to speak with a fireplace expert who can best fit you with custom glass doors for your fireplace. At The Cozy Flame our expert technicians don’t only advise, and sell Thermo-Rite glass doors. We also install, repair, and replace them. We recommend fireplace doors for the most efficient use of every style of fireplace, and Thermo-Rite even offers designs that work for corner fireplaces, as well as zero clearance fireplaces.

When you have chosen your dream fireplace, the next step is to choose custom glass doors that will do nothing but add to the beauty and the value of your home and fireplace. Visit The Cozy Flame in Milford, CT or call us today to talk to a fireplace expert.