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Have Your Chimney Swept Now Image - Milford CT - The Cozy FlameWhether it heats a single room, a small cabin, or an entire home, stoves are classic heating appliances that have gained new life in the modern fireplace industry. With a number of choices in size, style, and fuel, stoves are no longer for rustic hunting lodges deep in the woods.

As many stoves are used as primary heating appliances, regular maintenance and cleaning is an important part of ensuring your family won’t literally be left out in the cold once winter arrives. This year, make sure your stove is ready to light when fall and winter arrive by having the chimney swept now!

Do stoves still need their chimneys swept?

It is a common misconception that stoves do not need to have their chimneys swept. In fact, the opposite is true; because stoves are often used as primary heating appliances, they often need to be swept more than once per year! How often your stove’s chimney needs to be swept depends on a number of factors including the fuel source being burned, how often it is used, and the age of the stove itself.

  • Fuel source: Different fuel sources have different chimney sweeping requirements. A wood burning stove produces more creosote than other fuel sources and therefore may need to be swept more. However, gas stoves still need to have their chimneys swept; because gas can produce an acidic and corrosive byproduct of combustion, the chimney should be regularly inspected to check for signs of damage to the chimney liner.
  • Stove use: While an annual sweeping and inspection is recommended for all stoves and heating appliances, stoves that are used as a primary heating appliance may need to be cleaned more. As a general rule wood burning stoves should be swept any time there is 1/8 of an inch or greater accumulation of soot; this amount typically occurs after a cord of seasoned firewood has been burned. If you use more than this amount of wood in a single season, your stove’s chimney may need to be swept twice to keep it operating safely.
  • Age: All modern heating appliances – including stoves burning all fuel sources – are monitored and regulated by the EPA to ensure current emission standards are being met. Because older stoves burn less efficiently, they may need to be swept more often in order to remain clean, safe, and functional.

Get your stove’s chimney swept now!

Now is the perfect time of year to have your stove’s chimney swept! By having the chimney swept now, you can avoid the fall rush and be ready for the arrival of fall. Likewise, scheduling before the busy season arrives allows you to get your chimney cleaned faster with shorter wait times and more convenient appointments.

Having your stove’s chimney swept now ensures it is clean and ready to use when the first cold snap arrives. Need a new stove? Come check out the best the industry has to offer at The Cozy Flame showroom. Need to have your stove’s chimney swept? Call the chimney technicians at Total Chimney Care today!