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Some of the most popular fireplace products on the market today are gas. They are highly efficient and great for zone heating. Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of a push-button start and a fast turn-off, as opposed to letting a wood fire burn out. Gas stoves are available in beautiful designs that retain the classic look of the traditional wood stove. However, they have fewer emissions, higher efficiency, and versatility in installation and design.

Upfront Costs

Compared with similar products, gas stoves are competitively priced. The installation cost depends on what is required for the product you choose and the space in which it’s installed. Vent free stoves don’t require ventilation access as part of installation. Of course, they’ll still need to be professionally installed, connected with gas line, and tested. Direct-vent stoves require an exterior wall. This is so that a vent can be installed to draw air in and vent it out. This limits where the stove can be located, and adds to the overall cost of installation. However, the benefits of the gas stove make it quite cost-effective.

Gas Stoves and Low Emissions

Gas burns cleaner than any available fuel. Therefore, it produces fewer emissions and in many cases may qualify you for a federal tax credit. It may not amount to much, but it would mean a $300 annual credit.

Gas Stoves are Highly Efficient

Once your gas stove is installed, you are able to control it with a simple switch or remote. The flame lights and turns off at your command, wasting no extra fuel to die down or burn while you’re away. Gas stoves are some of the most efficient home heating products on the market. They burn the fuel almost completely while producing consistent, high heat output. You can compare costs of your gas heat with other appliances in your home using this calculator.

Gas Stoves Cut Costs in Half

Gas stoves cost half as much as an electric heater would to create the same amount of heat. These savings add up annually! Even if your gas stove is just for entertaining and is supplemental to your central air and heat, the savings are substantial. If you live in an area that gets ice storms through the winter, you can run your gas stove to heat your home, saving money that you might have spent running a generator. The only product that maintains high-heat like a gas stove is a wood-burning one. However, burning wood means using a chimney or stovepipe, paying for annual maintenance for the chimney system, and for wood or the equipment to cut your own wood. When you factor in all of the added costs that are often overlooked, the gas stove wins out every time.

Are you looking to add a gas stove to your living space? You can find out all about gas stoves by calling The Cozy Flame today or by visiting our retail location in Milford, CT.