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When you begin to dream of your home makeover projects for spring, you can’t overlook your fireplace. No matter what room your fireplace is in, it will be the focal point of the room. Your fireplace should be designed to compliment the room. Before designing your room around your fireplace or your fireplace around your room, you should consider what you want most in your new home design and fireplace facelift.


What is the purpose of the room and the fireplace? Is the fireplace primarily for home heating, or is it for beauty and entertaining? You should decide between a traditional open fireplace or gas log set.


It will cost you some money to make changes to your home and fireplace, any changes. If you make a change to your fireplace your system will need a level 2 inspection before use to determine if it’s sound and ready to go.

Also, any updates to the fireplace or hearth itself will cost you, but you can offset the cost by choosing an efficient fireplace, insert, or stove. Many of the new technologies on the market today allow for the most efficient heat appliances. Highly efficient products save you in utilities, in fuel, and in maintenance and repairs.


If you’re looking to Feng Shui your fireplace design, you’ll most likely want a contemporary look that can either accentuate the rest of your decor, or remain unassuming. Choose a new hearth, a complete fireplace insert, or even a custom door to add the necessary changes to complete your dream fireplace. Did you know that many fireplace faces have a variety of style and color options. Custom glass doors come in a variety of styles as well.


An important element of Feng Shui is color. Find out what the colors of your room tell you? You can help Feng Shui your room by starting with your fireplace! By adding minute color elements to your fireplace, you can reach the affect desired in no time.

Calling the Professionals

Not sure where to start? When you call the fireplace experts at The Cozy Flame, you gain access to a variety of professionals with the training and experience to make your fireplace dreams come true. You can visit our Facebook photo gallery to see what Feng Shui options are right for you.

Call The Cozy Flame at 203-283-4459 or contact us online to start your fireplace make over today.