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Fall has arrived, and there is still so much fun to be had outside. You can keep using your outdoor space and using your grill for scrumptious meals and entertaining–all winter long if you want! Grilling outdoors offers tastes, textures, and easy cleanup thatt isn’t possible indoors. Whether you have a Big Green Egg or a MHP grill, you have everything you need at your fingertips to have perfectly grilled, seared, roasted, or baked foods this fall.Kabobs, pizzas and vegetables on the grill make for the perfect dinner this fall!

Handmade Pizzas

Bake a perfect pizza with the Big Green Egg. No longer do you need an elaborate outdoor pizza oven. All you need to transform your grill to a pizza machine is a Pizza & Baking Stone (also great for breads and desserts).
Start with the dough
Choose a dough recipe that will turn out delicious no matter what toppings you choose, and once you decide on the type of pizza you want, season the dough if necessary. To learn the secret to the best pizza dough, check out the Big Green Egg pizza publication here.
Mouthwatering toppings
The toppings you choose will retain their flavor when baked in your grill due to the way the Big Green Egg is designed. Choose complimentary toppings, or follow a recipe for best results.
Safety first
When removing your pizza from the baking stone, be sure to use an appropriate tool to prevent burns (and wasted food!). You should use an aluminum pizza peel for best results and check out the Pizza and Calzone EGGcessories as well.

Other Fall Favorites

Skewers and barbecue are not only summer favorites. Grilled goodies may be the perfect addition to your fall festivities to put it over-the-top.
Seasonal Squash — Grilled butternut squash with the perfect combination of seasonings or just a splash of olive oil creates mouth-watering aromas and becomes a wonderful side or appetizer.
Root Veggies — Sweet potatoes are sweeter when glazed with molasses and seared on a grill top. If you’re tired of pickled or boiled beets, wrap fresh sliced beets in foil with some butter, salt and pepper, and prepare to be amazed!
Throw in Fruits — Seasonal fruits such as peaches, pumpkins, and cranberries can blend beautifully with smoked meats and veggies. Honey-glazed chicken skewered with peaches or apples can have your friends and family coming back for more! Make your desserts on the grill by slicing and wrapping in foil with butter and cinnamon.

When you have a grill, the possibilities are endless. Check out this Collection of Fall Grilling Recipes for these specific recipes and more!

Not sure your grill is suitable for grilling pizzas, roasting veggies, or baking bread? It is! At The Cozy Flame we can hook you up with exactly the accessories that will make your experience easier and your food tastier.

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