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Fact and Fiction of Vent Free Gas Logs - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

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Vent free gas logs continue to grow in popularity as more and more homeowners install them as alternative heat sources. Because they can be placed nearly anywhere in the home and can be used to heat an entire room, homeowners purchase these gas appliances to avoid the expense of installing a vented appliance.

However, many people are not aware of the precautions that must be taken when operating a vent free gas log. Because of this, these gas logs are often run incorrectly, creating a safety hazard for the families that use them.

Below are three of the most common inaccuracies about vent free logs, as well as the facts that correct them. Although vent free gas logs may be a good option for some homeowners, buyers should educate themselves before purchasing these appliances.

Fiction #1: Vent free logs produce no odor
Fact: While some users claim there is no smell, those with a sensitive nose may be able to notice the ab odor. Some users equate the smell to that of burning kerosene and claim that the smell can spread throughout an entire house. Pregnant women and those with a keen sense of smell may be more affected by the odors.

Fiction #2: Ventless gas logs are 100% efficient
Fact: There is no denying the efficiency of ventless gas logs. Most appliances operate with 99.9% efficiency; unfortunately, this means that the other 0.1% is toxic carbon monoxide. With no place to go, this gas remains in your home instead of venting to the outside. While such a small amount of gas might seem insignificant, it can quickly fill up a small space. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause nausea, disorientation, and even death.

Fiction #3: Vent free logs require no venting
Fact: Although you will not need to drill any holes in your walls for venting, vent free gas logs still require some degree of venting. When running for more than an hour, a window should be opened to prevent the appliance from depleting the oxygen in the home or carbon monoxide from building up. Oftentimes, opening a window to let more oxygen in negates the heating effect of the gas log itself.

Although vent free gas logs provide homeowners the freedom to move their heating appliance nearly anywhere in the home, the health and safety risks should be seriously considered before using or installing these appliances. If you already own a vent free gas log, consider upgrading to a direct vent gas fireplace. Direct vent gas logs burn clean, have realistic flames, and come in a variety of styles for every budget. Additionally, the venting process is easy to complete and these heating appliances can still be placed on almost every exterior wall in the home.

If you have questions about the safety of vent free gas logs or upgrading to a direct vent appliance, contact The Cozy Flame today. Our expert staff can help you select the best appliance to fit your home, style, and budget. For more information on vent free fireplaces, watch the following interview with expert Jerry Isenhour.