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End Summer With Grilling On A Big Green Egg Image - Mildford CT - The Cozy FlameWith Labor Day just around the corner, summer is beginning to draw to a close. Just because the weather cools off, however, doesn’t mean your cooking has to! End summer with a bang – and keep the party going all year long – with grilling on a Big Green Egg!

Make your best ever barbecue!

While most people know of the Big Green Egg as a grill it can do so much more than just sear burgers and steaks. In fact, it can be used as a smoker – with no additional attachments needed. This flexibility in cooking styles can help you make your best ever barbecue this summer!

If you’re looking for fall off the bone, flavorful to the last bite barbecue, The Cozy Flame can help you create it using a Big Green Egg as a smoker! Simply adding the smoking wood chips of your choice into your charcoal can give your barbecue restaurant quality smokiness.

Using the Big Green Egg as a smoker

To use your Big Green Egg as a smoker, all that is needed is charcoal and hardwood chips. Begin by mixing a full load of five pounds of natural lump charcoal with the smoking wood chips of your choice; hickory, apple, cherry, pecan, and more can all create their own unique flavor for your slow smoked meats. Next, set the Egg’s temperature controls to between 200 and 250 degrees. Light the charcoal mixture and leave the lid open for 10 minutes for the charcoal to fully ignite. After this, close the lid and wait for your Big Green Egg to reach optimal smoking temperatures.

Smoking times in the Big Green Egg

Unlike other smokers which need constant attention to stay at the right temperature, the temperature controls of the Big Green Egg allow you to effortless create restaurant-quality smoked meats at home. If you’re planning on smoking, be sure to allow plenty of cook time. While smoking in the Big Green Egg creates the world’s most flavorful barbecue, this “low and slow” style of cooking can take several hours – or longer – depending on the cut and size of the meat being smoked.

The following time and temperature guide can help you determine how long to smoke your meats. However, internal temperatures should be checked using a meat thermometer to ensure all foods are safely cooked.

  • Brisket: 12-20 hours
  • Back ribs: 4-5 hours
  • Short ribs: 6-8 hours
  • Meatloaf: 3 hours
  • Tri-tip: 2 hours
  • Pork butt: 14 hours
  • Whole chicken: 3-4 hours

Depending on the type of food you are smoking, the convEGGtor ceramic plate may be helpful in creating a stable cooking surface. Fitting directly into the bottom section of the Egg, this accessory is also helpful in reducing flare ups when cooking delicate foods such as fish or even when making pizza!

Don’t stop grilling as summer draws to a close. Instead, cook delicious meals all year long with your very own Big Green Egg. For more information on these versatile cooking appliances, contact the expert staff at The Cozy Flame today! Make sure to check out The Cozy Flame’s Facebook page for additional daily delicious recipes.