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Winter is swiftly coming to a close. Many homeowners are making plans to close out the fireplace for the off-season and preparing to entertain outdoors. Are you looking for a new project for the spring? Something that will bring life to your outdoor space, perhaps? When it comes to custom outdoor firepits, The Cozy Flame is your one-stop shop. We specialize in custom outdoor gas firepits–the firepit you never knew you needed.


Bringing Life and Light to Any SpaceCreate the perfect backyard with a custom firepit

Whether you like to spend warm evenings lounging poolside, on a bench in the garden, or with friends on the patio, a custom gas firepit may be exactly what you need to bring the space together. They have all the ambiance and visual appeal as a wood firepit or fireplace, but without the mess. On top of that, gas firepits are unrivaled in safety and convenience.


Convenient and Low-Maintenance

Gas fire appliances are the most convenient and low-maintenance of any fuel. They no smoke or creosote, very little soot, and have convenient capabilities that will have you enjoying your fire several times a week! Gas fires light with the touch of a button and even have precise temperature and flame control. With many models, you can control your fire while sitting comfortably in your patio furniture several feet away. Just ask an expert which models come with a remote control! When your gas firepit is professionally designed and installed, it will need little maintenance.


Style and Design

When you work with professionals who know fires and who know people, you can have a firepit this spring that works for your needs while complimenting your style. Choose an intimate and classic fireplace for a small space or a functional firepit that doubles as a table top. We even have firepits which are purely for entertainment and enjoyment like the Blazing Beats Firepit.


Call the Professionals

When you start the process with The Cozy Flame, a Comfort Consultant can help you from start to finish. By learning a little bit about you, your family, and your space, we can help you determine the best type of firepit for you. Choose a size, shape, location, and finish, and we do the rest! Big or small, we have them all. You can even see some of our gas firepits in action at our showroom at 116-Q Research Drive in Milford, Connecticut. Call or stop by to get started.

Spring is a great time to plan for your summer, and we can help. While you’re at it, we can help you with grills, both indoor and outdoor fire appliances, and even help you with routine services for your fire appliances.

Do you need a custom gas firepit to turn your outdoor dream space into reality? Call a Cozy Flame expert at 203-283-4459 today.