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If you are in the middle of a new construction, remodel, or upgrade, consider gas. Gas stoves and log sets are a great option for home fireplaces, each offering their own set of benefits and function.

Gas Is Convenient

When you choose gas, you don’t have to worry about the wood, ashes, and dust associated with wood fireplaces. You also have the benefit of an on/off button or switch. Some models even come with a knob for flame control. No more do you have to fumble around with kindling and matches. No more do you have to stoke a fire with additional accessories or shovel ashes. The convenience of gas fireplace appliances is second to no other.

Gas is Green

Unlike wood fireplaces which release microscopic particle pollution into the air and lose up to 75 percent of their heat, gas products are the most efficient appliances on the market. Gas burns cleanly, meaning less pollution, less residue, and also less necessary maintenance. There are many models of gas fireplaces that don’t require electricity. This means you can even use your gas fireplace during an electrical outage.

Gas Offers Beauty and Versatility

You can give your tired fireplace a facelift with a stove insert or log set. You can transform your living room with a freestanding gas stove. Whether you’re seeking a traditional cast-iron feel or a contemporary, sleek design, there is a gas stove that will do the trick. A fireplace expert from The Cozy Flame can walk you through the process from start to finish. We sell the best of Regency Fireplace Products and Hargrove Gas Logs to offer our customers the very best in gas fireplace products.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are convenient and easy to install. They require almost no maintenance other than regular inspections and cleanings, and they can be installed anywhere.
Vent-Free Stoves – Are designed for complete combustion requiring no vent, but have smaller flames, and the logs can’t be rearranged. Since there is no need for ventilation or piping, these can be moved around, which many homeowners prefer. However, they do release some fumes that can aggravate respiratory illnesses.
Direct-Vent Stoves – These stoves are designed to be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, with one pipe to carry air in, and one to vent it back out. These pipes can be run through wall or floor, so the homeowner has some freedom of location, but they are stationary. The flame is beautiful and the logs can be rearranged just like a real wood fire.

Gas Log Sets

Like stoves, there are vent-free and vented gas log sets. Both can be installed into an existing fireplace to convert from wood to gas, or simply to repurpose an ancient or unsound chimney system. Gas logs are designed to look like real wood, even down to the species of tree. The blue flames of the vent-free logs are not as realistic as some homeowners desire. The vented log sets offer the realistic yellow flame but requires ventilation either by way of a new vent, or the existing chimney.

Part of the planning process is determining chimney soundness. Find out about gas appliances and your masonry chimney here or call The Cozy Flame at 203-283-4459.