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Despite the climbing temperatures, now is the time to think about your winter fireplace. Today’s market is rife with options. What fuel type you choose can determine how much you spend, what type of appliance you can choose from, and how accessible the fuel will be year-to-year.

Wood-Burning Appliances

Probably the most traditional fuel type is wood. It offers many benefits, but can also be the least efficient and the messiest. Traditional wood fireplaces can lose up to 75 percent of their heat, which is why wood inserts and stoves have become popular in recent years. Wood is a renewable resource, and cheap if you gather the wood from your own property. Stoves and inserts are more efficient than open fireplaces. This which means your wood lasts longer and burns hotter, with fewer byproducts. As long as you burn properly-seasoned wood, your wood-burning appliance will work safely and efficiently with adequate maintenance.

At The Cozy Flame, we offer catalytic and non-catalytic wood stoves, each with their price range, purpose, and style. When you choose any of our Regency wood stoves, you get a beautiful product, professional installation, fewer emissions, and a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Pellet-Burning Appliances

With all the beauty of a real wood fire, and all the convenience and efficiency of a gas or electric appliance, the pellet stove lands in the middle. Pellet stoves are eco-friendly because of their high-efficiency and the manner in which the pellets are manufactured. They are made from wood waste and sold, so this type of fuel must be bought and stored, though it is affordable. Pellet stoves and inserts burn cleanly, though, resulting in less particulate pollution, less creosote and soot buildup, and less wear and tear on the chimney system. They also offer convenient features like a built-in hopper that feeds the fire for a consistent temperature even while you’re asleep or out of the house.

You can browse our Regency pellet stoves and inserts online or stop by our showroom at 116 Research Drive, Suite Q, in Milford, Connecticut.

Gas Appliances

Gas burning fireplaces are the most efficient. They burn cleaner than any other fuel, offer the most convenience, and are available for nearly any type of installation. Gas products raise efficiency by up to 90 percent. Homeowners also prefer gas appliances because of the ease of use–convenient on/off switches, temperature controls, and no clean-up. A gas fireplace can be accomplished with a gas stove, insert, or log set. Depending on your preference, your gas appliance can look exactly like a real wood fire. You can choose an insert to be retrofitted into your existing fireplace, utilize the fireplace by installing a log set or bypass the fireplace and chimney completely by choosing a stove or direct insert.

Are you still on the fence about what fuel type to use this winter? Let a fireplace expert help you decide. We always have a professional on staff at our showroom during business hours, but you can also speak with an expert from the comfort of your home by calling 203-283-4459.