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There are many reasons to upgrade your fireplace. You might be new to the property, and would like a new, beautiful fireplace. Maybe your fireplace is damaged, needing a complete fireplace rebuild, or maybe your home has a stove, and you’d rather have the traditional feel of a wood fireplace.

Why Choose the Insert

Higher Efficiency—When you choose a wood-burning insert you increase efficiency by up to 90%! Because they aren’t drafty or open like a traditional fireplace, they still retain the ambiance of one, without the waste.

Lower Labor Cost—You don’t have to pay for an expensive and lengthy fireplace rebuild. A wood-burning insert can be retrofitted into the existing fireplace and connected with your flue liner, as long as it’s appropriately sized.

An Easy Fireplace Face-lift—Wood-burning inserts come in a variety of designs. Since they’re a good choice for a remodel, your fireplace can change the look of an entire room.

Tax Credit—All Regency wood fireplace inserts are EPA certified and qualify for the U.S. Biomass Tax Credit. This is a $300 tax credit!

Regency Wood-Burning Inserts

At The Cozy Flame we sell the best wood-burning inserts on the market. The Regency wood fireplace insert is designed for a range of styles and sizes. Also, they can be installed into an existing stone/brick or factory-built/zero-clearance fireplace. All Regency fireplace inserts are high efficiency—featuring the most premier technologies to meet the highest standards.

Professional Installation

Your experience will only be as good as your installation. Therefore, only a certified chimney sweep should install all of these products in your home. It’s imperative that inserts are professionally installed and that the system is thoroughly inspected to insure that the chimney is in the best working condition to support the new wood burning insert.

The Cozy Flame partners with Total Chimney Care for professional installation of all of our products. With the help of our fireplace experts at The Cozy Flame and the certified chimney sweeps at Total Chimney Care, you can have the fireplace of your dreams today. With a wood-burning insert the fireplace of your dreams can be more efficient, produce more heat, and burn less wood.

You can view our wood-burning insert products here. For beautiful products and professional services, contact The Cozy Flame today. A fireplace expert is standing by.