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Why a MHP Grill is Perfect for Upcoming Warm Weather

While it’s not quite summer, we’re definitely getting some warmer temperatures around Milford, Connecticut. At The Cozy Flame, when temperatures rise, the first thing we think of is hosting a barbecue, and we know many of our customers feel the same way! If you’re looking for a new grill for a new season, look no further than a MHP grill–economical, convenient, customizable, and durable.

Modern Home Products

When you choose a grill from Modern Home Products (MHP), you can be certain that you’re getting the best that the manufacturer’s have. The MHP grill is not merely a grill, but it offers all the benefits of both a grill and a kitchen stove.

MHP Grills are Economical

During the summer, don’t cook for your guests inside the house! Cooking inside heats up the kitchen and uses more electricity than cooking outside. By cooking outside, you’ll not only spend less money, you will also not stink up the house with the smell of food and end up with a dirty kitchen.

MHP Grills are Convenient

MHP grills feature an electronic ignition that will make it easy to light the stove, even on a windy day. Heat controls also make it easy to cook you meats perfectly. Depending on the size of the grill you choose, you can cook entire meals on a grill, utilizing multiple cooking surfaces and heat controls. MHP grills are easy to use, clean, and care for – making them long-lasting and low-maintenance.

MHP Grills are Customizable

MHP grills come with a variety of options, all covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You can add cooking space, table space, and more! Consider these upgrades when shopping for your perfect grill:

  • A rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grid
  • A stainless steel burner or side burner
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Infra-roast rotisserie burner system
  • Varied mounting options
  • Stainless steel drop-down side shelf
  • SearMagic infrared side grill
  • Counter top trim kits for built-in installations

MHP’s SearMagic

The patented SearMagic high-performance rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grids heat up faster and cook food at an even temperature. This makes it easy to cook meats completely to perfection. The grids are reversible–offering a ribbed side for meats, and a smooth side for other foods. You can get the SearMagic grids standard on select models, or for a no-charge upgrade on all MHP models.

MHP Grills are American Made

The MHP SearMagic cooking grids, customizable parts, and grills are all made in America. You can come see your new grill at The Cozy Flame showroom at your convenience. One of our grill experts can help you get started today. You can customize your MHP grill by choosing the grill head, mounting option and base, accessories, and more!

Visit our showroom at 116 Research Dr. Suite Q in Milford, Connecticut. A grill expert is available to help you learn more about our MHP gas grills in person or over the phone.

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Start Thinking About Upgrading Your Outdoor Space

Now is the time to start enjoying the outdoors. After dealing with the long winter here in Connecticut, we are eager for the first spring temperatures, the approach of Memorial Day, and all-things-summer that are to come. You can be excited about summer too when you consider upgrading your outdoor area into the one of your dreams!

Upgrade for Efficiency, Style, and More

Are you “making do” with a standard fire pit from the junk store? Getting choked out by smoke on a breezy night? Don’t let your gathering come up short by running short on firewood. You don’t need it! Upgrade to a custom gas fire pit this spring and enjoy a more efficient, safer, and more relaxing fire this summer. Gas fire pits are better for the environment, equipped with more settings, and more convenient than other options. If you have a space, any space, you can put a gas fire pit there and make it your own. We have a fire pit to fit every space and every need.

The Cozy Flame Sells Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

  • The Regency Horizon series is a sophisticated, contemporary style that will enhance any space. The wide-angle flames with reflective stainless-steel body can be paired with reflective crystals, volcanic stones, or ceramic drift wood log set so that your fire pit reflects not only the beautiful flames, but also your personality.
  • The Regency Plateau is your ultimate design option, allowing you to choose a finish that matches your landscape, furniture, personality, or the whole package. Choose from a linear fire pit, a table top, an island fire table, and more. This design is perfect for a classy function, or a relaxing evening for two.

Benefits of Choosing Gas

It’s not only the designs that draw our customers to custom gas fire pits, but also the many benefits of choosing Regency outdoor gas fireplaces. Gas is:

  • Convenient – You can turn on your fire and extinguish it with the press of a button. Don’t fumble around with scraps of paper and kindling this summer. Don’t waste your time cutting wood either. A gas fireplace is ready to burn when you’re ready for flames.
  • Easy to control – Your gas fire flame can be adjusted. You may want more heat on a cool night or less heat if you’re already feeling toasty, but still like the ambiance of a flame. Gas can do this.
  • Eco-friendly – Gas burns cleanly, resulting in less particulate pollution, smoke, and pollution overall. You will use less fuel than if you were using electricity or wood, and you will use exactly how much fuel you need for the heat you want.
  • Low-maintenance – Your custom gas fire pit should be professionally installed and serviced if required. Other than that, there is very minimal maintenance required. The most important thing to do is read the owner’s manual so that you’re using your fire pit properly.

Now is the time to think about upgrading your outdoor space for the summer. Whether you’re thinking of changing fuel or furniture, our custom gas fire pits can complete your dream space. Ask a Comfort Consultant about gas fire pits today by calling 203-283-4459.

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End of Winter Service

It’s officially spring, which means warmer weather. By the end of winter, many homeowners are downright tired, but it’s important to take care of your fireplace and chimney system to close out the season. Luckily, a professional chimney sweep company has you covered. Your end-of-winter services are just a phone call away!

Chimney Sweeping

After a long winter, one of the most necessary services is the chimney sweep. Each day and night your fireplace was burning for these last few months, soot and creosote has been coating the inside of the flue system. The humidity of summer will mingle with the soot and creosote, causing less-than-satisfactory odors! You won’t have to breathe in these odors or chemicals when you hire a professional for the chimney sweep. Our sister company, Total Chimney Care, provides chimney sweeping services to our service area. It’s one of the most popular services for spring-for good reason! Homeowners who schedule regular chimney sweeps see better results from their appliances, including more efficient fires. Leaving creosote in the chimney can break down the materials in your fireplace while posing a serious fire hazard the next time you light a fire.

Chimney Inspection

A lot can happen with your chimney system during one burn season. For example, small problems can turn into a major hazard. This may go unnoticed until it’s seen by a professional. That is why inspections are so important. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend annual chimney inspections for the safest and most efficient chimney possible. Many homeowners choose to schedule an inspection during spring to ensure it’s ready for fall, to avoid any water damage from “April showers”, and to use tax refund money to pay for necessary repairs that may be identified. You don’t have to schedule your inspection this spring if you’ve had one in the last 12 months, but it’s important to have one annually. If you’re waiting until fall to schedule your inspection, make sure you schedule ahead to beat the fall rush.

Repairs and Waterproofing

If you have noticed a problem with your fireplace appliance or with your chimney, now is the time to have it repaired. You should never wait to have chimney repairs completed. During winter there may be a fire risk, and during spring and summer you may be allowing water into the system. Scheduling spring-time repairs can prevent damage from occurring this spring and summer while giving you time before burn season to pay for major repairs.

Ask your chimney sweep about waterproofing services. Completed in one simple appointment, waterproofing doesn’t change the appearance of the masonry, but puts an invisible barrier between the masonry, and the weather. This specially-formulated sealant will allow your chimney to continue working properly, while adequately protected from water.

Not sure what type of service your fireplace needs? Call a Comfort Consultant at The Cozy Flame or stop by today.

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Deep Discounts

The end of the season is not only for winter clothing sales. Winter appliances are also at the lowest prices of the year. Thinking of adding a new appliance or upgrading before next season? As our season winds down, stop in for big savings. Whether you’re looking for a stove, insert, fireplace, or accessories, we may have what you’re looking for at a price that is affordable.

Sales and Rebates

We strive to offer the best products from the industry’s top manufacturers here at The Cozy Flame. See our great selection at our showroom at 116-Q Research Drive and speak with a Comfort Consultant to find out what is available for what you need at the price you need.

We periodically work with manufacturers to bring the best appliances the industry has to offer, right to Connecticut’s front door. In order to move this year’s merchandise out, and make room for new models, we offer sales in the showroom, through the manufacturer catalog, and even rebates. Our top brands include Regency Fireplace Products, Superior Products, Hampton Cast Iron Fireplaces, Hargrove Premium Products, and Thermo-Rite Fireplace Doors. Looking for the fireplace of your dreams on a real budget? Shop our sales and rebates. If that doesn’t work, check out our close-out page for even bigger savings.

Scratch and Dent Section

If you haven’t been to our showroom in Milford, Connecticut, you’re missing out on some DEEP discounts. These are products that are top-of-the-line that have simply been sitting in the display room too long, were damaged in shipping, or otherwise imperfect, but still work perfectly! You may even find a product that is in perfect factory condition, but was improperly measured, or returned by the customer. These products move fast, and are only available on a first-come, first-sold basis, so make sure that The Cozy Flame is your first stop for fire appliances this season. If you find a product on our close-out page that you have to have, give us a call!

Used/Pre-Owned Products

Just as cars are used, cleaned, inspected, and re-sold, fire products are as well. At The Cozy Flame, we sell products we’ve used in our showroom, as well as products from client homes, and even consigned by clients. These products are discounted, but all inspected for safety and proper function. You will not get a substandard product from us, because safety is our main priority. These products are typically sold “as-is”, are non-refundable, and generally cash-only.

We understand that quality products come at a price, and sometimes the cost is exclusionary. That is why we want you to know about our DEEP spring discounts before it’s too late! If you’re curious about a product or price, give us a call at 203-283-4459.

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What is Zone Heating?

Heating a house can be a pain. In the winter, it’s costly, and in fall and spring, it takes weeks to find a balance that isn’t too hot or too cold. As we move into spring, and temperatures drop once again, there is an easier way–to both save money, and stay comfortable.

Zone Heating

Zone heating only certain “zones” in the home that are most popular, used, or get the most traffic. The idea is to lower your central air thermostat to a reasonably low temperature, and heat the most-used areas of the home with efficient heat sources.

Getting Started

First, you have to decide what your zones will be. If you have bedrooms, hallways, or dens that are unused most of the year, it won’t hurt to leave these rooms at a lower temperature. Then your most-used rooms, living room, bedrooms, and kitchen can be heated with another source. Once you know which rooms you’ll be heating, you can decide what type of appliance you’d like to heat with. Many homes have an open living room/dining room/kitchen space. If this is the case, or something similar, in your home, you can likely get by with one large fireplace in the living room, that will heat the large space. If not, you can look into smaller appliances for smaller rooms. When it comes to fire appliances, the possibilities are endless.

The Cozy Flame

Once you know which rooms you’d like to heat, you can begin your search for the perfect fire appliance to work for you. At The Cozy Flame, we sell gas, wood, and pellet appliances that rival central air and heat. Every appliance carries its own manufacturer guarantee and the names of trusted top industry brands. Our Comfort Consultants are available to help you decide which brand, style, fuel type, and size is right for you.

  • For a traditional fireplace:
    You can choose an insert that looks and feels like a traditional open fireplace, but you’ll get all the benefits of a highly efficient stove. Inserts are especially popular when homeowners want to convert a drafty, masonry fireplace into a heat machine. Inserts are available as wood-burning, pellet-burning, and gas-fueled.
  • For your empty space:
    You do not need an existing fireplace in order to install a fire appliance. Whether you have a corner space, wall space, or want to utilize space in the middle of a room, we can find an appliance that will work for you. Pellet, wood, and gas stoves can be freestanding, come in any size, and have a variety of styles and viewing windows. A direct gas insert is a stove that looks like a traditional fireplace. Many inns and hotels use gas inserts in order to cut costs, and create a desirable amenity for their guests. These are beautiful products and heat machines.

Let Us Help

If you have your thermostat set for 60 degrees, and you decide to crack up one of our appliances, you will be pleasantly satisfied with how quickly the temp will come up in the room of your choosing. Let us help you select the perfect appliance for your space, need, and home decor. We can even set you up with installation services.

Call today, or visit 116-Q Research Drive, in Milford, Connecticut.

Come See Us!

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