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Late Season Discounts

This late in the season, the business has slowed down substantially. Professionals have less emergency calls during this time of year, and we’re looking to sell the stoves and appliances we still have in stock. Homeowners can take advantage of huge discounts during the late season. If you’re looking to add a new fireplace, direct vent fireplace, wood-burning fireplaces, gas stoves, pellet stoves, wood-burning inserts, gas inserts, gas logs, and other accessory upgrades, call on The Cozy Flame. You can find discounts on many hearth products, improving the look of your home before next fall.

Your New Appliancewood or gas black stove on a tile floor next to a bed

We may not have every appliance in stock, but we can find exactly what you need, whether you’re looking to upgrade for efficiency or function, we have gas, wood, and pellet appliances. Some homeowners would like to keep the same fuel type but have a more efficient system installed to save fuel and increase heat. We can help you improve your fire system!

Professional Installation

At The Cozy Flame, we only sell the best fire appliances in the industry, but we don’t install them. The Cozy Flame has installed, repaired, cleaned, and maintained all types and brands of appliances. Today we depend on our sister company Total Chimney Care for installations and maintenance.

Total Chimney Care

Just like the name, Total Chimney Care offers comprehensive chimney care for all of our customers. The team at Total Chimney Care is CSIA certified with extensive knowledge and experience of all things chimney and fire science. In customer homes, they wear clean uniforms, lay down drop cloths and use vacuuming systems to keep the house clean. The job is done quickly, properly, and mess-free every time.

Deep Discounts on Service

Whether it’s an installation, repair, or routine service, we can secure deep discounts during the late season. Our customers can count on 50 percent off all labor costs for wood, gas, or pellet inserts! This can mean hundreds of dollars in savings at this time of year.

Schedule a service appointment for your appliance if it hasn’t been serviced in the last year. Your warranty may require it, and your homeowner’s insurance as well.

Preventative Maintenance

At the end of a long winter, it’s important to maintain the chimney properly by scheduling routine maintenance. Having a professional sweep and inspect the system in the spring will prevent leaks and animal intrusion during spring and summer and ensure the fireplace is ready to use this fall! The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute both recommend routine maintenance for safe and efficient fires. We agree, and our track record and reviews prove it.

Contact us today and ask about our deep discounts today! No matter what you need, we have something that may help.

Call us at 203-283-4459 today.

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Custom Outdoor Firepits, We’ve Got Them!

Winter is swiftly coming to a close. Many homeowners are making plans to close out the fireplace for the off-season and preparing to entertain outdoors. Are you looking for a new project for the spring? Something that will bring life to your outdoor space, perhaps? When it comes to custom outdoor firepits, The Cozy Flame is your one-stop shop. We specialize in custom outdoor gas firepits–the firepit you never knew you needed.


Bringing Life and Light to Any SpaceCreate the perfect backyard with a custom firepit

Whether you like to spend warm evenings lounging poolside, on a bench in the garden, or with friends on the patio, a custom gas firepit may be exactly what you need to bring the space together. They have all the ambiance and visual appeal as a wood firepit or fireplace, but without the mess. On top of that, gas firepits are unrivaled in safety and convenience.


Convenient and Low-Maintenance

Gas fire appliances are the most convenient and low-maintenance of any fuel. They no smoke or creosote, very little soot, and have convenient capabilities that will have you enjoying your fire several times a week! Gas fires light with the touch of a button and even have precise temperature and flame control. With many models, you can control your fire while sitting comfortably in your patio furniture several feet away. Just ask an expert which models come with a remote control! When your gas firepit is professionally designed and installed, it will need little maintenance.


Style and Design

When you work with professionals who know fires and who know people, you can have a firepit this spring that works for your needs while complimenting your style. Choose an intimate and classic fireplace for a small space or a functional firepit that doubles as a table top. We even have firepits which are purely for entertainment and enjoyment like the Blazing Beats Firepit.


Call the Professionals

When you start the process with The Cozy Flame, a Comfort Consultant can help you from start to finish. By learning a little bit about you, your family, and your space, we can help you determine the best type of firepit for you. Choose a size, shape, location, and finish, and we do the rest! Big or small, we have them all. You can even see some of our gas firepits in action at our showroom at 116-Q Research Drive in Milford, Connecticut. Call or stop by to get started.

Spring is a great time to plan for your summer, and we can help. While you’re at it, we can help you with grills, both indoor and outdoor fire appliances, and even help you with routine services for your fire appliances.

Do you need a custom gas firepit to turn your outdoor dream space into reality? Call a Cozy Flame expert at 203-283-4459 today.

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Gas, Wood, or Pellet?

When it comes to fire appliances, there are many options to consider. What fuel type or unit you choose may depend on fuel accessibility or space. Each type of unit brings fire, comfort, and warmth into your home as well as other benefits specific to the fuel you choose. At The Cozy Flame, we sell gas, pellet, and wood stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. Find out which is best for your home.

GasGas, wood, pellet appliances

Gas units offer the most convenience and luxury, by far. They have become the choice among homeowners, flippers, property managers, and even hotels and inns. Gas units can be installed fairly easily and can be operated from across the room with a remote. With a gas unit, you can have a roaring fire with the push of a button and temperature control that is precise and dependable. Gas units have the added bonus of low-maintenance. When it’s installed properly, it is one of the safest fire units on the market. They produce very little soot and no creosote. Annual maintenance is easy peasy, and helps the fireplace continue working at its best.


For homeowners who enjoy convenience and ambiance, but long for the traditional wood fire, pellets are the solution. A pellet stove burns immediately with an ignitor and burns consistently and for long periods with the help of a hopper. The hopper feeds pellets into the burner, and a fire-viewing window gives the look and feel of an open fireplace. As an added bonus pellet appliances are beneficial for the environment. Pellets are recycled wood products, making use of waste, and it burns completely, cutting down on emissions.


For homeowners who have access to woods on their property or a good local supplier, the wood fireplace is still a classic favorite. Wood fires produce the most heat, wood is a renewable resource, and they offer the beautiful, vibrant yellow flames that a homeowner longs for on a cold winter’s evening. The downside to wood fires is the work. Wood has to be split, carried, stacked, and stored until burn season. It also brings a mess with it. Dust, insects, and wood pieces often clutter the floor around the fireplace if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Wood also produces more soot and creosote than other types of fuel. That means burning wood will require more sweeps throughout the years to keep the flue clear of build up and hazards.

Professional Installations and Services

At The Cozy Flame you can find the best products and services in the industry, but we depend on our sister company, Total Chimney Care for installations and maintenance. It’s important to only have licensed professionals install, repair, service, and maintain your fire appliances and chimneys.

Are you ready to get started today? Let us help you find the fire for your house. Call us at 203-283-4459 today.

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Stay Warm and Cozy With a Gas Insert

Though the holidays have passed, we’re finally experiencing winter in much of the US. Many homeowners are watching their utility bills rise during these last cold months of winter and wondering what exactly can be done. There is hope for your heating bill, and even an answer for your chilly nights. You can stay cozy and warm when you add a gas insert. They’re beautiful and stylish, warm and efficient, and can be installed anywhere. That’s right. You don’t need a chimney construction for this one.


Variety of StylesStay Warm & Cozy with Gas Inserts - Milford CT - The Cozy Flame

When you choose a gas insert, you can choose from a variety of styles. These inserts are fueled by gas, but retain the look of the classic wood-burning fire with a fire-viewing window and ceramic logs in your fire. Regency gas fireplaces are manufactured with incredible attention to detail–right down to the realistic cracks and features on the logs. These units are available in traditional styles as well as contemporary. Choose the facing and doors you like, as well as the shape and size.


Easy Installation

Gas inserts are cost-effective. You can have a gas insert retrofitted directly into your existing fireplace, using it solely, and avoiding a costly firebox rebuild. The installation itself is less involved than a construction or rebuild, however, it still must be completed by a professional. When you choose gas, you can have an insert installed in your firebox, or you can choose a direct vent gas insert which can be installed anywhere- any room, any space, any size.


Direct Vent

Direct vent gas inserts  can be installed anywhere that a vent can be directed through a wall or roof. They do not require a chimney whatsoever, and require only one pipe where air intake and exhaust are both carried. Your direct vent insert doesn’t use any air from inside the home, so it doesn’t affect other appliances, does not bring a draft, does not waste any heat up a chimney, and can be used perfectly when your central heat is in use. The direct vent gas insert is of the highest efficiency, and is a growing favorite among homeowners, businesses, and even the hospitality industry, being installed in cabins and inns across the country.


Convenience of Gas

Your gas fireplace can be exactly what you choose, can be installed anywhere, and offers a convenience that is unrivaled by other fire units. There’s really no reason not to choose a gas fireplace. There will be no cutting, storing, carrying, or lighting firewood when you choose a gas fireplace. Your gas insert will have a switch for ignition, so no need for matches or kindling. Many models even have a remote control so that you can light your fire from across the room, as well as precise temperature control. Because gas fires are so efficient, you will require less routine maintenance as well.

To find out if a new gas insert is logical for you, check out this House Logic article.

You can find the best products on the market at The Cozy Flame, and we can help you set up your installation as well. Call 203-283-4459 or stop by the showroom at 116-Q Research Drive.

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New Years Resolution To Eat Healthy? Make It Easier With A Big Green Egg!

The most common New Year’s resolutions have to do with getting healthy. Losing weight, eating healthy, and healthy habits are common January resolutions. These are great ideas, but unfortunately, they don’t often stick. In fact, many “resolutioners” will be back to old habits by February, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to eat healthier in the new year, we can help you stay successful with a Big Green Egg and EGGcessories. Big Green Egg Large Grill - Milford CT- The Cozy Flame

Better Food

Because of the way the Big Green Egg cooks your food, it will retain the natural flavors of the foods and the seasonings you use. It’s easier to eat healthily when your food tastes good! Let us help you with that.

Variety of Sizes

When you choose a Big Green Egg, they don’t all have to be big. In fact, they come in a variety of sizes, including a Mini Egg appropriate for a bachelor or couple, up to an XXLarge Egg which will feed your entire neighborhood block party, and five sizes in between. When you begin planning with the professionals, we can help you determine which size is the best for you.

Variety of Uses

Whether you choose an EGG that is big or small, you can use them in the same way because they work in the same way. While Big Green Eggs are a grill, they are designed after the clay cooking vessels first seen in the third century in Asia. These state-of-the-art products have evolved into a ceramic-coated grill product appropriate for use as a smoker, a grill, an oven, and a cooker. You can cook anything in your Big Green Egg that you can in your kitchen–without all the cleanup and odors indoors.

Variety of Accessories

Big Green Eggs work great alone but can be even better with certain EGGcessories. Once you choose your Mini, MiniMax, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, or XXLarge Egg you can choose the best EGGcessories to bring your food from fridge to table.

EGG Basics

Pick out a nest for your egg that is stylish, basic, and add wood side wings. You can even choose a portable nest for your MiniMax for your camping and picnicking outings this summer. There are even nests for table tops and mats for the floor that are specially designed to work with your Big Green Egg. If you’re designing your outdoor space around your new grill, you can choose custom islands and tables to work with the new addition. Pick out covers for your Egg, and even shop spare parts.

Cooking Tools

Adding ConvEGGtors and baking stones to your Big Green Egg can transform your Big Green Egg into the perfect pizza or convection oven. For the traditional smokey flavor of barbecue, you can even purchase charcoal starters and smoky woods. Other cooking tools available are temperature controls, cooking utensils, racks, grids, and cookware for your Egg. You can even bring home cookbooks and seasonings specially designed for your Egg.

At The Cozy Flame, we don’t just sell the Big Green Egg–we also use them! We know that the best way to feed our whole family or our whole team is with a Big Green Egg. Come by our showroom to see one in action at 116-Q Research Dr., and a comfort consultant can help you choose the best grill for you.

Call 203-283-4459 or stop by.

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