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Wood, Gas, or Pellet? Which is the Fuel for You?

When it comes to fireplace fuel, it’s not about which fuel is best, but which is best for you. Many homeowners prefer one fuel over others due to accessibility, cost, and convenience. We certainly have our favorites, but it’s our goal to match you with the best possible product for your home, your family, and your specific needs. The industry and market have reached a place where it truly comes down to the fuel. You can have a fireplace or stove of any style and efficiency—but will it be a wood, gas, or pellet unit?

Bright fire in the fireplace close-up. red-yellow fire background

Wood Fires

Wood-burning units are still a favorite among homeowners because of the beautiful flame and high heat output the fireplaces, stoves, and inserts offer. Homeowners with wooded property can cut and store their own firewood. Those with less accessibility may need to purchase their firewood from a local supplier. This can become a hassle and is the reason why many homeowners end up converting to pellet or gas fire units. Also, although wood-burning units are more efficient than ever, wood fires still burn less efficiently than gas or pellet fires. They add more pollution to the environment, require more chimney maintenance, and require more work in general lighting fires, disposing of ash, and finding properly seasoned firewood.

Pellet Fires

For the homeowners who love the look and feel of wood fires, the pellet fireplace may be right for you. Pellets are made of recycled wood products and burn efficiently and completely. Pellet units are high-efficiency units and more convenient than wood-burning units because you don’t have to mess with kindling and matches to light. Pellet stoves and fireplaces have an ignitor that immediately lights the pellets, then the fire is continuously fed by a hopper filled with pellets. This allows for all the heat of a wood fire, but with the convenient light and consistent temperature of a gas fire. Because pellets are made of organic materials, they still produce soot and creosote which will need to be cleaned from the chimney periodically. However, pellets burn more completely than wood, and you’ll never have to wonder if the pellets are properly seasoned.

Gas Fires

The most efficient fuel type for fireplaces, inserts, and stoves is natural gas. Gas offers freedom to the homeowner not possible with other fuel types. Your gas unit can be installed anywhere, depending on the type and ventilation requirements. It burns cleanly and requires the least maintenance of any fuel type or product. Gas units can be used in small spaces like hotels, condos, apartments, and bedrooms. They can be open flames or completely closed units that use blowers and radiant heat to heat the space in your home. Gas fireplaces and stoves are ideal for zone heating and may not be best as a primary heat source. There aren’t a lot of reasons to choose wood or pellets over gas, though they can result in some issues, especially when installed incorrectly.

If you’re ready to choose a new fire unit for you home, stop in so that a Comfort Consultant can help you decide which is best for you. Stop in at 116-Q Research Dr today.

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We Carry Quality Products and Brands

When it comes to your home, you only want the best—and we only want to give you the best. Your fireplace adds value to your home, but only if it is a quality product. When you’re shopping for fireplaces from The Cozy Flame, you are getting the best. Our Comfort Consultants can get you set up with the best products in the industry today!


Our Regency and Superior Fireplaces can be installed anywhere and come in a variety of styles and sizes for your specific needs. Looking to burn wood for that vibrant heat and dancing, yellow flame? We sell wood-burning fireplaces that are environmentally friendly and efficient. For more convenience, you can choose a gas fireplace that can be controlled and used with ease. We even sell electric fireplaces that your guests would never guess are electric! Our team of experts can match you with a unit that matches your personality and home exactly, with options that are traditional and rustic, sleek and contemporary, and even luxurious.


At The Cozy Flame, we know what our customers need, and we also give them what they want! We sell stoves of all fuel types, that are good for the environment and good for your budget. You might prefer a stove if you don’t want your fireplace against a wall. Stoves can be freestanding, fit into a corner, or basically anywhere with proper installation. Save money on utilities by supplementing heat with a new stove. Many of our customers can accomplish whole-home heating with one of our pellet or wood-burning stoves.

We sell gas stoves with realistic ceramic logs that are even re-arrangeable. Our wood and pellet stoves produce the most heat, and many models even offer convenience and benefits like a gas stove. A pellet stove is self-feeding so that the temperature is consistent and the fire will continue to burn while you’re away or asleep. This is a favorite among our customers, and Regency is a favorite brand among our experts.


Inserts work the same way as a stove. It is a closed unit that draws air in to support the fire, vents gases and smoke up the chimney, and uses blowers and radiant heat to heat your home. We sell gas, pellet, and wood-burning inserts. They can be retro-fitted directly into an existing firebox, so they’ve become a popular option for homes with run-down fireplaces and chimneys. You can have a professional install an insert into your existing firebox and pipe the flue up the existing chimney! Direct vent inserts operate a little differently but require no chimney. We can install a direct vent fireplace anywhere, piping oxygen through ceiling or wall.

At The Cozy Flame, we want our customers to have the best products and brands. Don’t order online! Order from us. Stop in and visit The Cozy Flame at 116-Q Research Dr or call us at 203-283-4459 today!

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The Versatility of the Big Green Egg

Just because your local retailer is slipping pumpkin-flavored snack cakes into the aisles doesn’t mean summer is over. Your family can enjoy the outdoors for longer when you have something to slip outside for. Invest in a Big Green Egg, and you can invite the whole neighborhood to your next cook-out. They come in a variety of sizes for all of your gatherings. They are also versatile for all your cooking needs too!

The Ultimate Cooking Experience

The Big Green Egg is no ordinary grill. Its design is based off an ancient system of cooking, which allows you to use the Egg for grilling, roasting, smoking, and baking. Not only can you cook virtually anything in the Big Green Egg, but you can choose a size to fit any need.

A Variety of Sizes – When you’re shopping for a new grill, choose from a Mini, MiniMax, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, or XXLarge. The smaller models are great for condos, apartments, and camping, while the XXLarge can feed an entire block party! Make sure you choose the best option for your home and family.

A Variety of Uses – By choosing from a selection of EGGcessories, you can make the most out of your new Big Green Egg and cook everything to perfection every time.

ConvEGGtors and Baking Stones

big green egg grill

For baked treats and dinners, you can use ConvEGGtors and Baking Stones no matter what size of Big Green Egg you have. Peruse a variety of recipes for baked puddings, cakes, pizzas, and casseroles here.

Charcoal, Racks, and More

Your Big Green Egg is more than a regular grill, you can also use it as a grill! You can choose 100 % lump charcoal for ideal taste and a grid or rack for all your barbecue favorites.

Cookbooks and Seasonings

The Big Green Egg is so great and versatile that the best recipes come in four BIG Green Egg books. You can make the most out of your new grill when you have a recipe book on hand. With the best seasonings to go with the recipes, and you can learn how to cook an entire meal at once instead of spending all day slaving away in the kitchen.

The Cozy Flame Sells Big Green Eggs and EGGcessories

At The Cozy Flame, we can help you choose the best option for your family and home. We not only sell the grill itself, but we sell table, cutting board, skewer, baking stone, cookware, thermometers, and more. Our team knows the value of a good grill, and so do our customers! When you have a dependable grill outside, you can cook for a crowd without warming up the inside of your house with a stove and oven. You can avoid lingering odors, and invite even more friends when you move the group outside.

If you’re looking for a new grill, choose one that is an investment. Call or stop by The Cozy Flame and see a Big Green Egg in real life. Reach an expert today at 203-283-4459.

Stinky Chimney Syndrome

Throughout the offseason chimney professionals get calls about chimney maintenance. Spring and summer are a great time to schedule chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections. It’s a popular time for upgrades and installations. It’s also a big-time for remodels and new construction.

During the offseason, there aren’t a lot of complaints about chimney problems because with the fires out and the chimney is not in regular use. However, there are some things with your fireplace that you will only notice during the offseason. A stinky chimney, for instance, is a major problem as chimneys sit dormant and summer humidity and pressures fluctuate. If you experience a chimney odor problem, it’s important to call a professional today, because a stinky chimney always indicates a problem.

Types of Chimney Odors

No matter the type of odor your chimney may be producing, it is never a good sign for your chimney. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t even want to think about your fireplace and chimney during the summer. However, there are some odors that can come from the chimney system that cannot be ignored. Once you notice them, it’s impossible to move on, and without professional help, there’s no way to stop it.

Mildew/Moldy Odors

When the odors coming from your fireplace opening smell mildly of dirty laundry or last year’s gym shoes, it’s time to take action. An odor that smells of mold or mildew indicates there is water present in the chimney system. Water should NEVER be present in the chimney system. Water can sometimes enter the chimney by way of damaged masonry, crown, cap, or flashing, and this can immediately start to damage the system. If your chimney smells of mold or mildew, there has been water in your system long enough for the growth of bacteria. There is likely hidden water damage within the system and the air quality of your home may even be affected. You should call a professional for a diagnostic appointment. A certified expert can assess the damage, stop the leak at its source, and prevent it from ever happening again!

Smoke/Barbecue Odors

You may be sitting around in the house and suddenly smell beef jerky. There’s no beef jerky anywhere, but maybe it’s your oven. Eventually, the smell can get so strong that it’s as if the dirty grill from the Fourth of July barbecue is actually inside your living room. This smell comes and goes depending on air pressure pushing the odors down your chimney and out into your home. No matter how strong the odor is, it cannot be stopped unless you have a chimney cleaning. The smell is caused by the soot, creosote, and ash present in the fireplace and chimney system. You should schedule a chimney sweep with a licensed and certified professional soon!

Decay/Decomposition Odors

If you smell the pungent odor of decay and identify your fireplace as the culprit, you may have an animal carcass in the chimney system. It may not be a dead animal but could be droppings, feathers, fur, and even unburned wood. This smell is easy to identify but caused by things left in the chimney that shouldn’t be there. A chimney sweep or animal removal is required to clean the entire system.

In all these instances of bad chimney odors, you should schedule a chimney sweep or inspection with Total Chimney Care today to resolve them!

We Now Have Electric Fireplaces!

At The Cozy Flame, we strive to offer the best products and services to our customers in and around Milford, Connecticut. After many requests from our valued customers, we are now happy to offer electric fireplaces! If you come by our retail location at 116-Q Research Drive, you can see one of our new electric fireplaces in action and talk with an expert about your fireplace options. If you’re looking to add a new fireplace to your home, now is the time. Summer is a great time to make these changes and prepare your home for the winter months.

white fireplace with electric fireplace

Regency Electric Fireplaces

At The Cozy Flame, we carry the best electric fireplaces on the market. Our Regency Skope Modern Electric Fireplace heaters are premium electric fireplaces that combine high-quality craftsmanship and elegant styling. When you’re looking at Regency fireplaces for your home, you have the option of wall-mounted fireplaces or built-in fireplaces. Your fireplaces will have the look and feel of a real wood fire with an enhanced, undulating flame, realistic logs or crystals, and exceptional heat output. Electric heaters have come a long way over the last few years. They’re safer, warmer, and more beautiful than ever.

Why Choose Electric?

A wood or gas fireplace may not be possible where you live. Maybe you own a small condo or do not have access to ongoing wood supply. You may choose electric because it’s cheaper to purchase and install, has no complicated gas or flue hookups, and adds value to your home without a lot of work. With more communities limiting the installation of wood and gas fire units, electric fireplaces allow us to put fire in homes without a negative effect on the environment.

Regency Skope Series

Although these electric fireplaces are heaters, the fireplace is not hot to the touch, making them safe to use when small children and guests are around. The Regency Skope Electric Fireplace will fit into any décor or space seamlessly, with models that will complement your modern, contemporary, or traditional décor.
The fireplaces utilize Chromalight LED technology to produce the most realistic effects in the industry, as well as a three-dimensional display box that helps create depth and realistic dancing flames. These fireplaces are fully customizable with over 39 different color combinations. They can even cycle through different color combinations to capture certain moods or ambiance and even a light show for parties and more.

Zone Heating

Zone heating is described as heating high traffic areas (zones) with heat units so that the central heating system can be turned to a lower setting during winter. This means your new electric fireplace will help you save money on your utility bill! A new electric heater doesn’t have to raise your electricity bill. Talk to one of our Comfort Consultants to find out more.

If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your home that can be installed ANYWHERE, is emission-free, beautiful, modern, and flexible, you can find what you’re looking for at The Cozy Flame.

Call us at 203-283-4459 and let’s talk fireplaces.

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