After a long winter, warm weather is finally here! Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer festivities, and we have just what you need to make your pool party, barbecue, or outdoor birthday party pop!

Sound Driven Fire Burner Technology

The first generation of sound responsive fire products is made possible using the Blazing Beats Sound Visualization Fire Burner combined with their Fire Synchronization Chamber. Now, your fire responds to your music, creating the perfect outdoor gathering where your music comes to life. The two focal points of a party are the music and the fire. Blazing Beats has combined the two to create an outdoor product unrivaled by others.

How it Works

We know your technology is important to you, and there’s nothing more damaging than the great outdoors when it comes to audio equipment. The premium outdoor audio utilizes marine-grade, weather resistant, audio components available as a Self Contained (SAS) or Component (CAS) audio system. It integrates with new or existing outdoor audio systems and also allows flexibility for use and protection from weather. There is no wired/plugged in version, only the battery-powered audio unit. The Fire Synchronization Chamber guides propane or gas through the inner chamber, along with the sound waves of your music. It’s guided to the Sound Visualization Burner, which is made of 14-gauge 304 stainless steel. This burner is perforated with microscopic holes to combine your music and fuel into the ultimate sound experience.

The Firepit for You

Just like other gas-fired firepit options, you have some flexibility when choosing your Blazing Beats Firepit design and size. Our dealers can work with you on a construction model with a custom surround, or you can choose the all-in-one model that is ready to use. It’s important to work closely with a professional when choosing your Blazing Beats Firepit and designing your outdoor space. You want to maximize your new purchase while your family and friends stay safe while enjoying it.

Available Models

The all-in-one model is 34” x 34” and 24” high. The final width of the countertop is 38” and there are two options for burner size. The 19” x 19” burner which is available only as a natural gas burner, and the 24” x 24”. The Blazing Beats Burner only comes as a square in this first generation model and works with two 5-gallon propane tanks. However, the 19” burner only burns natural gas.

Blazing Beats is always working toward more models and may even make burners available in more shapes in the future. Currently, they offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, however, making modifications to the electrical components will void the warranty. Be sure to follow the provided user guide when you buy your new Blazing Beats Firepit.

Blazing Beats is manufactured in the United States with American-made materials, excluding electronics. We’re proud to offer American-made products as often as we can at The Cozy Flame.