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Families across the country are gearing up for holiday gatherings, family reunions, and cookouts. Summer is the prime time for people to get outside to grill. When you chose a new Big Green Egg to replace your old grill, you summer will be never be the same.

Safety and Efficiency

When you invest in a Big Green Egg, you will get a grill that is safe, hazard-free, and long-lasting. You will spend less money on fuel, less time standing over a hot grill in the heat, and you’ll surely be the Barbecue Master of the neighborhood.


You don’t have to be a meat-eater to enjoy a Big Green Egg. In fact, a pizza baked in a Big Green Egg is comparable in taste and quality to a pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Whether you’re grilling steaks, baking casseroles, smoking fish, or roasting vegetables, the Big Green Egg can make all your food taste so much better.

The Size to Fit Your Need

The Big Green Egg may have started as one simple “kamado” cooker, but it has now evolved into a line of seven sizes to fit every need.

  • Mini – Picnics and tailgate parties will never be the same when you have this little EGG. It’s safe and perfectly sized for boats, balconies, and campgrounds.
  • MiniMax – This is perfect for camping, poolside cookouts, and parties. This EGG comes with a convenient carrying case so you can take it wherever. It also features a slightly larger cooking area than the Mini, but it is super easy to pack and take it wherever.
  • Small – With the same grill surface as the MiniMax, this EGG can cook a 12 pound turkey, 4 burgers, 1 chicken, 2 steaks, or 1 rack of ribs. And it has the ability to cook them to perfection. This EGG is not designed to travel, but it doesn’t come with a carrying case.
  • Medium – Sized for a small family or couple, this is a great addition to a home or backyard patio. This EGG can accommodate an 18-pound turkey, 6 burgers, 3 chickens (vertically), 4 steaks, or 4 racks of ribs (vertically). So go ahead and invite the neighbors, you’ll have plenty of room on your grill to cook for a crowd.
  • Large – The most popular size and is able to cook enough for a large group. The Large EGG allows you to bake, roast, or smoke, it can do all the job so there’s no need to make a mess on your kitchen stove.
  • XLarge – Cook for a crowd or multiple meals at once, this EGG is not just great for summer get-togethers, but it also offers all the space you need to prepare holiday meals as well.
  • XXLarge – The biggest EGG is capable of cooking for a large group, restaurant, or catering. This EGG will fit and cook a suckling pig to perfection. Don’t believe us. See for yourself!

You can see the Big Green Egg in action at our showroom. Or you can call us at 203-283-4459 to learn more before barbecue season is in full-swing!