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The Benefits of MHP Grills

The go-to grill for beach and water-lovers can be found at The Cozy Flame, where we only sell the best products at the best price. We stand behind the design, price, and performance of the MHP gas grill. Modern Home Products offers gas grills that stand up to the test of time, taste, and even withstand the corrosive salty air of coastal Connecticut. These grills have 4-5 stars in online reviews, are convenient, durable, and offer all of the combined benefits of a grill AND kitchen stove!


When you choose to grill outdoors instead of baking or cooking indoors, you will save on cooling costs in your house. Using gas is more efficient, and costs 30x less than traditional charcoal grilling!


Lighting your grill doesn’t get any easier than electronic ignition. Controlling your flame is just as easy, and important, since the main cause of gas grill failure is excessive heat. Be sure to read the user manual for your grill in order to learn how to use your controls. The MHP grill offers the convenience of full-meal cooking on one grill! With the cooking surfaces and heat controls, you can easily cook an entire meal to perfection.


When you choose a MHP gas grill, you can choose from a variety of options. For added cooking space, you can opt for a secondary cooking surface, along with a large selection of other options and upgrades:

  • A rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grid
  • A stainless steel burner or side burner
  • Infra-roast rotisserie burner system
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Varied mounting options
  • Stainless steel drop-down side shelf
  • Counter top trim kits for built-in installations
  • SearMagic infrared side grill

Patented Magic

MHP’s patented SearMagic high-performance rust-free anodized aluminum cooking grids are made in America like the rest of the grill. They heat up faster and cook all food at a uniform temperature. The grids are reversible, so you can use the ribbed side for beautifully grilled meats, and smooth side for tin-foil veggies. These unique grids are standard on select models, but are a no-charge upgrade on all MHP models.

Build Your MHP Grill

The MHP grill brochure features color photos and full descriptions that help customers choose the best grill options for them. Together with a Cozy Flame grill expert you can:

  • Choose your grill head
  • Pick your mounting option and base
  • Pick your accessories
  • Buy yours today!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

One of the reasons The Cozy Flame continues to stand behind MHP grills is the lifetime limited warranty on all MHP grill products. When you make your purchase, we recommend you register for your warranty as soon as possible, otherwise purchase information may get lost. The lifetime warranty applies to rust through on various parts and range from 1 to 10 years, so it’s important to keep track of your warranty information so that you can benefit.

Are you as excited about MHP grills as we are at The Cozy Flame? Stop into our shop at 116 Research Dr. Suite Q in Milford, Connecticut. A grill expert is available to discuss our MHP gas grills in person or by phone.

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