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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit - Milford CT - The Cozy FlameGrowing in popularity over the past few years, outdoor fire pits bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your patio or other outdoor living space. For those who love to both entertain and relax outside, a fire pit allows you to comfortably enjoy being outdoors all year long. While a traditional fire pit is generally fueled by wood, you can now find fire pits that are powered by natural or propane gas. At The Cozy Flame, we specialize in designing and constructing custom outdoor gas fire pits. With many style and design options, you can have the fire pit of your dreams. No matter if you want an intimate and small space or an area large enough to entertain a crowd, our design experts at The Cozy Flame can give you exactly what you desire in an outdoor fire pit. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of adding a gas-fueled fire pit to your outdoor living space.

Gas fire pits provide a safe and clean-burning flame. 

With a wood-burning fire pit, you must watch out for sparks jumping out of the pit and igniting an unwanted fire in your backyard. You will not have to worry about sparks and hot embers flying out of a gas-fueled fire pit. According to an online buyers guide to gas fire pits, Enhance Fire Pits, many cities do not allow open fires in a residential backyard unless they are contained within a gas fire pit. This is because a wood-burning fire can become out of control, and with a gas-fueled fire, the user is in full control of the flame. A fire in a gas fire pit is very unlikely to become hard to handle because of the controlled burn. Additionally, a gas-fueled fire releases far less emissions and pollution than a wood-burning fire. Both natural gas and propane are clean and environmentally-friendly fuels. You will never have to worry about inhaling too much smoke or absorbing that smoky, campfire smell in your clothes and hair when you are sitting around a gas fire pit.

Gas fire pits are convenient and easy to use.

When you own a wood-burning fire pit, you must gather together the firewood and then attempt to ignite a fire outdoors, which can be a difficult task if strong winds are blowing. You also have to clean up ashes and other messy residue left behind from a wood-burning fire. With a gas fire pit, all you have to do to start a fire is flip a switch or press a button on a remote control device. You also do not have to wait for the fire to die out as you do with a wood-burning fire. Again, you just have to turn the fire off with a switch or remote control button. You also have no mess to clean up after a gas-fueled fire. Gas fire pits provide you with a no-hassle and labor-free flame; all you have to do is enjoy the fire.

Gas fire pits have fuel options.

If your home is equipped with a natural gas line, you can simply hook your gas fire pit up to that line. However, you can still have a gas fire pit without access to natural gas. Propane can be an alternative fuel source for these fire pits and is just as clean, safe, and convenient as a natural gas-fueled fire.

Interested in adding a custom outdoor gas fire pit to your patio? Contact The Cozy Flame today to get the design process started.