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You do not have to have an indoor fireplace to enjoy a fire this fall. Perhaps you love to entertain guests, but hate the crowded house. Maybe you like to have a dinner party, but don’t want the smell of food in your house. It’s times like now, when temperatures start to dip in the evenings, that homeowners begin to think about outdoor firepits.

Custom Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Fire pits do not have to be ugly metal rings like you’d find at a camp ground. Today’s fire pits are beautiful, trendy, decorative, and convenient. You don’t have to buy, cut, or haul wood. You don’t have to clean up ashes or mess with leather gloves or fire pokers. In most cases, you don’t even need to light a fire. When you choose a custom outdoor gas fire pit, you get all the convenience of a gas appliance, and all the brilliance of an outdoor fire pit in one.

The Perks of a Gas Fire Pit

  • Convenient – With a gas fire pit, you can light the fire with a match, a lighter, or a push button, depending on the design. The flame is just as easy to control and to extinguish.
  • Design – Custom designs can range from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between. Choose glass to control the heat from the flame. Then choose stones or logs. And finally, choose a table, fire pit combo! The possibilities are endless.
  • Efficient – Although these fire pits are not chosen for their high heat output, they do produce some heat. Overall, they are extremely efficient, and a great option for homeowners seeking an eco-friendly fire pit. Gas fire pits release less toxins than wood, and create less smoke for your guests to run from while you visit.
  • Safer – Wood fire pits are generally low to the ground, and a hazard for young children. These custom gas fire pits can be tall, installed into a wall, or free-standing. The use of glass can keep children at a distance from the heat.
  • Versatile – Because the fuel can be housed in tanks, gas fire pits can be installed anywhere, and in some cases, they are moveable. This is especially convenient for homeowners who like to lounge by the pool in late summer, but sit in the garden in the fall. Certain gas fire pit models can be moved.

Work With Us

When you are choosing a custom gas fire pit, you should discuss your vision with a professional. A fire expert from The Cozy Flame can discuss our custom gas fireplaces with you now, so that your fire pit will be installed and ready before fall. Regency Fireplace Products are the best on the market, which is why they are the only custom gas outdoor fire pits we sell.

If you’re ready to enhance your outdoor space, creating your dream space, we are ready to help. You can start planning today, and have your outdoor oasis in time for fall, when you call The Cozy Flame. A fire expert is standing by at 203-283-4459.