Welcome to our closeout page!

From time to time we sit on product too long, models change. start to wear, come in damaged, etc. Instead of just putting them on a shelf to collect dust, we try to move them at a discount and showcase them on our web page. Some items may have a scratch and dent issue, or maybe we just want to turn over floor models to keep the showroom fresh. No matter what the issue is, it’s still quality merchandise sold at a fraction of the retail cost.

Scratch and Dent Section

This is where we showcase units with some wear and tare, have been sitting around the showroom for too long, damaged in shipping, etc. Still quality product, just stuff we are looking to move with DEEP discounts. Occasionally we will have brand new product, in perfect condition, that maybe came from a mis-measurement or a client return that we can not send back to our manufacturer.

While we try to update this page as often as possible, some of these items may not be 100% up to date. The items here are available on a first come, first sold basis, and we cannot guarantee availability of these items. Items discounted here are limited to items currently on display on display in our showroom upon your arrival. If you are curious about the availability of a specific item, give us a call and we’ll hold it for you if it’s still available!

All that’s left for the 2021 closeout below!

Fireplace Accessories


Colonial was $99, $20 for the set. 

Used Stoves & Fireplaces

Occasionally we may offer a swap out, or consign a product for a client. Maybe even replace something someone may not be entirely happy with, with something different. If it is worth anything, we’ll show it here to get rid of at a deep discount. The products listed here are typically sold as “AS-IS” condition, “NON-REFUNDABLE”, are a “CASH ONLY” sale, and there is no implied warranty unless specifically put into writing at time of sale.

Fireplace Glass Enclosure

Fireplace Glass Enclosure
$675 – Info on Facebook and images attached here:


Fireplace Glass Enclosure
Fireplace Door Pic
Hampton Woodstove

Used Hampton H300 Woodstove for sale:

Medium wood burning stove, like-new condition. Heats 1000-2000 square feet. Very high-quality unit includes cooktop, blower, and ash pan. Shown here with a short leg kit, but the long legs can be easily installed and are included. The unit is rear vented as shown or can go straight up. Includes 15-20 feet of chimney liner for fireplace installation option.

Paid $3500 for it new just a few years ago. Asking $1000. Contact Mike at 203-435-8164. Located in East Haven.